Okay, please sit down, everyone. I have heard that many people have benefited from this practice, which is my dream. It is also the expectation of all people who believe in, and love, compassion and peace. It is our deep connection in physical and spiritual communion. Such deep inner communication is extraordinarily uplifting and transcendent.

The meaning of “extraordinary” may not be clear to many people. It means holy, solemn and connected. It has good connotations. We want to do better and get more. The method actually is very simple. Here, in such a classroom, when you listen to me, listen to whatever I say, all you need to do is receive with respect, and relax. Be calm and pure; put all pressures from family or work entirely out of mind.

Then let’s think about this: So far, regardless of your age, what have you got by hustling every day? Even a little benefit would make some happy. May I ask how much you’ve lost? What have you lost? You may be confused by my question. Everything passes; all that has happened is destined to happen; all that is going to happen is often unavoidable. However, if some twists and turns in life are unavoidable, we should learn to be at ease in any circumstance.

It is our connection that brings you to my class. And there may be some deeper connection that makes you liberated and free, that lifts you from suffering and affliction to the state of purity, ease and great freedom. Today, I want to guide you all to that state.

At this very moment, it is as if I have returned to the Eastern Pure Land of Lapis Lazuli: pure and clean, no worries, no suffering, no afflictions, no joy, no poverty, no gain, no loss, no life, no death, and no starvation. I see you all there too, being bathed within energy akin to wind and light; all your impurities, afflictions and sickness are washed away. Everyone is slowly purifying and growing transparent, from solid to ethereal, from flesh and bone to pure emptiness, from solid form to cleanest air. You are pure and free in joy.

We are in the Eastern Pure Land. I see my hands, innumerable. Sitting high above, I access great dharmic power to remove human suffering and afflictions. In my world, they’re washed clean and renewed, freed from suffering, blissful. Celestial deities, please assist me in helping all beings obtain happiness and eliminate suffering. All lives are destroyed; afflictions
and joy disappear, dissipating, becoming air. The Buddha allows the rebirth of all sentient beings. Worry free, devoid of pain or joy, without sorrow or happiness. Fully pure and free. No loss or gain no up or down, no left or right. All beings are reborn, no suffering exists.

Each time my singing bowl sounds, all karmically connected sentient beings are freed from the ocean of suffering, liberated forever, afflicted no longer. My singing calls upon the celestial deities to assist us in dispelling hardship, eradicating pain, and attaining ideal, joyful lives. I wish all karmically connected beings wisdom, professional success, and ultimate knowledge. To all who hear my voice, I wish eternal freedom from the sea of suffering. Never shall they descend to hell!

May all sentient beings with past and present negative karma, by this invocation, my heartfelt prayer, find forgiveness. May every being who has been hurt truly forgive others. No more hate, No more hardship, and no more suffering. Forgive the wrongdoing of others and find liberation. May Buddha’s light shine forth. May all sentient beings with negative karma ascend to the Eastern Pure Land of Lapis Lazuli, forever free of suffering and cyclical rebirth and death.

May they be liberated from suffering, have unsurpassed wisdom, become physically whole, healthy and beautiful. I wish them success at school and expansive knowledge. May all practitioners obtain wisdom and enlightenment, perfection in their Buddhist practice and ultimate accomplishment. May all hungry ghosts, upon hearing my voice and my name, perceive my dharma, be liberated from suffering and obtain happiness; freedom from hell. May they instantly rise to the Eastern Pure Land of Lapis Lazuli, enjoy blessed purity forever, beyond the cycle of birth and destruction. May all sentient beings aspiring to enlightenment succeed.

The Buddha compassionately helps all sentient beings find relief from suffering and success in life. He makes them happy, whole, healthy and wise, bestows merit, wisdom, wholeness and ideal lives. May sentient beings suffer no more. If we aspire to compassion and repent, from this moment on, we’ll be awash in Buddha light. Through my ardent prayers and the assistance of every celestial deity, may foe become friend, negative karma turn into merit; suffering to joy and our greatest hopes become reality.

Many sentient beings are afflicted with negative karma from past wrongdoing; they suffer imperfections in this life. I am going to empower you now: I will purify the negative karma from all past lives of all beings, and take on their punishing negative karma. May those karmically intertwined be reborn in the Eastern Pure Land of Lapis Lazuli within its eternal blessed purity. Eradicate the evil karma between them, so they cease fighting and entrapping each other. May all sentient beings who have suffered, or now suffer, find liberty, pure freedom.

Let me shoulder their punishment. By the strike of this ruler, all your negative karma will be obliterated. Hearing a single strike will dissolve the negative karma from your life. At this very moment, in front of me are countless sentient beings in the 3 realms, floating in hordes. May all karmically connected sentient beings open their hearts and forgive the wrongdoing of others. All afflictions and suffering have their karmic causes. So may all beings please be tolerant and forgive, no longer hate, no longer hold a grudge. Please forgive.

For all those karmically connected to me, I am repenting and eliminating their negative karma. By using a ruler to strike my hand, I take on their punishment. All sentient beings, please resolve your hatred. Both paradise and hell are created by the mind. When you have a compassionate and broad mind, a heart of forgiveness and tolerance, you live in paradise. Narrowmindedness, hatred and jealousy will lead you to hell. Please choose paradise.

Please forgive all those who have hurt us. All hurt has causes; all hurtful acts are rooted in ignorance. No matter how badly we’ve been hurt, it’s all due to the ignorance of others or to our own mistakes. Let’s forgive them now before Buddha. From now on, forgo hate, forgo anger, and forgo jealousy; those behaviors easily hurt others.

Always remember: Hurting an older man is like hurting your father. Would you ever want to hurt your father? Hurting an older woman; would you want to hurt your mother? Think of younger people as siblings; would you want to hurt your siblings? And children should be guided, educated, loved and protected.

All your sickness, suffering and afflictions in life are caused by hostility. From today on, we no longer begrudge others, but rather love and care for them. Be compassionate, love and protect all sentient beings. From now on, don’t be jealous; when others surpass you, bless them, congratulate them and learn from them. All sentient beings, please be forgiving and broadminded; sincerely love and forgive those you once hated, those who brought you harm and suffering.

If we want to be liberated, if we want our sicknesses to disappear, if we want wisdom, and if we want our children to be successful, please don’t hate anymore; with the broadest and softest heart, look at all afflictions; look at all afflictions; they all have their causes. So we shouldn’t complain or blame others. We are the cause of everything, so we have to take the consequences. Be tolerant and forgiving and don’t hate anymore.

If you like, please follow me in saying: I no longer hate. I am no longer angry. I no longer seek vengeance. I no longer take revenge. I am no longer jealous. I want to love all sentient beings. I want to love my parents. All parents in the world are mine. Yes, all sentient beings are my relatives. I am most compassionate. I am most gentle. I want to conquer the world with compassion. My mind is as broad as the ocean. I can bear everything in the world.

Because I am a disciple of Buddha, my mind is like that of Buddha; I look like the Buddha. I am most compassionate. I am most magnanimous. I am full of wisdom. I am most tolerant. I am most loving. I love my enemies. May they be liberated from suffering and obtain happiness. No longer do wrong. May the whole world be peaceful, and may everyone be auspicious, happy, healthy and joyful.

Yes, let’s say it again. Everyone is healthy and joyful. I am most confident. I am most tolerant. I am full of wisdom. I am most loving. I conquer the world with smiles.

If you like, please hug the one next to you with a sincere, tolerant and loving heart. You may stand up to hug. Everyone hug at least 10 people. Everyone here, including staff, deserve a hug. Everyone hug at least 10 people. When you finish hugging 10 people, go hug those you should forgive, even those who have brought you unhappiness or harm. Forgive others with a heart as compassionate as that of Buddha.

Now, please be seated. Please be seated. I can see all of you are very joyful when hugging fellow practitioners, those connected to you in one way or another. Please return to your seat.

If we want to learn compassion, we first need to learn to forgive, then to understand, then to tolerate, and to be broad-minded, to care and cherish. From beings with flesh to bloodless beings such as plants, whose blood we can’t see, love them all the same. Do stones have life? Yes. The Buddha says there is birth when there is death. Thus it has life. Yes. We’ll cherish everything.

I would even like to remind you to cherish our daily necessities such as cooking utensils, chairs, tables, stools, beds, rooms, combs, cell phones and so on. They all deserve to be cherished. This isn’t greed; it’s cherishing. Cherishing is respect; a respect between living beings and between humans. Only when we respect a thing can we cherish it. We love our children, but also need to respect them. Especially Chinese parents, pay attention to your attitude. You shouldn’t treat them as if you are masters and they are slaves. If we act like masters, our intentions will be misunderstood. I have met many young practitioners with such a knot in their hearts, because their parents loved them in the wrong way. Many children doubt that their parents really love them.

This indicates that many parents aren’t warm and considerate enough. You only consider your perspective without meeting children’s needs. Children should be respected, including your own. You have the right to give birth to them, to raise them; you also have the responsibility to love them. Love needs equality. The Buddha says all sentient beings are equal. When you face your children with love, your words should be softer and kinder, which they’ll like very much.

Humans need this mentality of equality and respect in order to face each other. Just now I mentioned that we need to love flesh-and-blood beings as well as bloodless ones, such as plants, though we may see bloodless beings differently. We need to love those that seem lifeless.

Let’s lift ourselves to a higher state. We need to love those who, have brought us suffering, affliction and harm. Ignorance causes people to do harm. Don’t forget that all things have causes. Why did he harm you but not another? A conversation between 2 children can explain it. I asked, “Hey, Joe, why did you beat Jack?” Joe answered, “He cursed me, so I beat him.” The cause of the beating was cursing. In the end, the pitiful victim may remain hateful forever; he feels angry and wants revenge. Everything has causes.

Don’t make allowances for vices, even the seemingly trivial ones. Even a single slanderous sentence, an unkind comment made behind someone’s back; or gossip; hurtful words and belittling words, which you think are trivial, are, in fact, significantly harmful. Thus, gossip deemed insignificant may cause explosive results such as murder. What else is more serious than murder? But murder can be caused by seemingly trivial gossip. It is just as simple as that.

Thus, the All-Compassionate Buddha keeps reminding us of that. What he told us is absolutely true to reality. He gave us wisdom to resolve suffering. Don’t allow any vice for its triviality. If you know it is a vice, tightly control your mouth and hands. Don’t do it. We don’t know what it will cause. Be careful with your words.

Controlling oneself all the time is extremely difficult. So how do we do it? Compassion. Tell yourself to be compassionate. By so doing, you avoid harming others. So, don’t say negative words, don’t say hurtful words; don’t gossip. Remember this, okay? Let’s review. I have also forgotten what I just said. Don’t say negative words. Don’t say harsh words. Also, don’t gossip. No slander. Any words that may bring people harm of any kind shouldn’t be spoken.

What kind of words should we use? Words of respect and love. I believe everyone, young or old, is happy when they are respected. Thus, please remember what I have said. In summary, you get what you give. If you give compassion, you will receive it. If you give hatred, you receive hatred. If you help others, you receive help. If we give without thought of reward, without asking for anything in return, but rather with pure compassion, we can actually gain more. This is of utmost importance. Thus, we should mind our mind.

Why do we pay attention to the mind? For what? Because the mind is the root cause of our present diseases. Also, in this life, we have experienced suffering, affliction, obstacles, poverty, divorce, career failures, lack of nutritious food, lack of clothes, etc. We hope our kids are well-educated, eat and live better, but parents don’t always have the ability to provide a good, happy life. Parents are responsible for the wellbeing of their kids. People wonder why they are not as intelligent as others. Why are they not as capable as others? Why do their investments fail? All these have causes.

Maybe our karma causes us to experience all kinds of suffering. Maybe we lack virtuous and meritorious deeds. For example, in your previous life, you cheated others several times and made them broke, Thus, in this life, you will never become rich. The causality in this example shows that our present life is closely related to our circumstances, merits and mistakes in past lives.

Why do we keep failing? Some may say, “I didn’t try hard.” However, many do try hard, but still are unemployed. Experiencing failure can be destined.

I know a person who had always wanted to buy a house. He and his wife were in their late 40s. They had wanted to buy a house for 10 years so they could be free of the hassles of renting. They had constantly had to move at the whim of their landlords. In 10 years they moved 12 times. It was really annoying. So they longed to buy a house. The house they liked was too costly. When they found one they could afford and we are about to pay the deposit, it was sold. They found others they liked, but the owners decided not to sell. They wondered why it wasn’t happening.

One day the husband came to me, pleading for help. He asked me to see why it wasn’t happening. He had the money. Of course, he wasn’t rich, he was working class. When he spoke, I could see scenes playing behind him, one of which was just like a story I told about a rabbit that lived underground. It dug a hole and burrowed into the earth. In one life, this husband was a hunter. He poured water into the hole. He may have watered the homes of many animals and made them homeless. Once, when he poured water into an animal’s home, the large rabbit inside tried hard to save the babies. It held them in its mouth while climbing out of the hole, but those baby animals had already drowned. They were less than a month old.

So because of his karma, that man wasn’t able to get a house. While he was talking to me I could see that scene very clearly. Did those creatures hate him? Was this hatred out of nowhere? Yes, they hated him, so in this life, he wasn’t able to make as much money as he could have. Nor was he able to secure a house. His landlords had always made him unhappy and asked him to move. That is because he had hurt those baby animals in a past life. When he’d poured water into the hole, his intention was to kill the animals. He didn’t even spare the babies. This caused the mediocrity and low intelligence of his descendants. This is cause and effect.

When I talk about this, people usually don’t believe it. Indeed, it is unverifiable. But when he asked me, that scene was clearly displayed to me. He had no way out, so he wanted me to use my power to eliminate this karma so that he could own a house. He was pleading with me, so I had to try to help him. At midnight I chanted for all the lives he had hurt, so that he could be liberated from the hatred. I did a lot for him. I truly did a lot for him. Then 6 months later, he bought a house.

Thus, the causality of many things transcends time and space. What we did in previous lives shows up in this life; what we do in this life will show in lives to come. Thus, dear fellow practitioners, sickness, sufferings, emotional hurts and career failures all have causes and circumstances. Therefore, I would like to remind all of you: don’t allow any vice for its triviality. No matter how trivial it is, we shouldn’t do anything vicious. Don’t think gossip is insignificant. Don’t do so. The consequences, even if nobody sees your actions, will come subsequently. It is like standing in an empty desert; you still have a shadow, don’t you? It is the same principle. Be very careful.

However, the Buddha has told us the way to live better: Don’t reject anything virtuous for its smallness. In other words, no good deed is too small. I don’t mean that you must do it either. If you often do small good deeds, you’ll become kind and compassionate. Eventually, you will be wise and wealthy. Don’t reject anything virtuous for its smallness. We should often do small good deeds. What is the benefit for us? This transforms our life.

Our destiny in this life is the result of the karma of previous lives. It is possible for us to change our karma in this life if we repent and perform good deeds. Of course, if we have a good master to guide us, and if we practice and strive to be a better person, we will be transformed for sure. Transformation in body, love, marriage, career and children will all be realized. Therefore, once we know this, we should do more good deeds. I am sure you will do them. Just now, I prayed for your liberation by bringing you into that divine time and space. I feel like I am still in that space. I believe this will benefit you all.

Now twist your body and shake it; relax. The original root of our karma, the real root of diseases, is fading and resolving. Thus, when your mind is opened instantly, or when you are forgiven, health will be restored. It is the same with wisdom. When the hatred in our karma is removed, wisdom could be instantly attained.

Those coming to learn Buddhism and the way of compassion are extraordinary. Great transformation will be achieved within a very short time. In the span of only 3 days, someone may experience tremendous change. A person who felt slow in the past may feel very wise and free today. After the mind of compassion is truly generated, karma is fading; I will assist you, too. When this combined energy gathers, the blockage in our wisdom channel will be removed, and we will become wise instantly. It is just that fast.

Thus, some people’s chronic diseases, even fatal ones, may be removed instantly, and health restored. Those with lower back, shoulder and neck pain have no pain now. Feel it, and move your body. To experience the effect, you may stand up and move around. I believe the pain on my hand where I hit it is not for nothing. It must have some effect. Feel it: Many problems, including headaches, are gone; someone’s stomachache or bloating has disappeared.

Here is a little more for you. I will beat a small box that symbolizes the dharma drum of Heaven. One strike will remove your afflictions instantly; the dharma drum of Heaven. I have struck it so many times. Pat your body all over. All your diseases are gone. Just pat yourself. The celestial gods and beings can all help us. Now we feel very relaxed and joyful. I hope every celestial maiden helps you. You can feel your body is light, relaxed and very beautiful.

Okay, let’s perform closing exercises. After patting, run your hands over your front from top to bottom. These closing exercises will make you much more comfortable; your body will feel relaxed and free. All negativity is gone.

The fresh, soft, sweet sound of the dharma drum and the bell drove away evil ghosts and demons, and invited deities and bodhisattvas to empower and protect us. Therefore, you now feel much more relaxed and joyful. I believe those with discomfort, those who suffer a lot of pain, now feel very well. Is this true? (Yes.) Those who have gained physical benefit, please raise your hand. Good, very good. I ask you, Have you experienced any benefits? If you have, raise your hand. In this way, your faith and my aspirations will become one. And the effect become real. Very good. Put down your hand.

This empowerment of mine solves your problems at the root. Its effect is very obvious. Very good. It is good you have gained some benefits. I believe that those present today, and those not, which includes those who will listen to my recording or watch this video in the future, will receive the empowerment. I am currently in Busan Center, South Korea. Many people, about 100,000 in my mind’s eye, are present. With the help of many Heavenly deities and bodhisattvas, you are empowered.

I feel great. In my own kingdom, I see not just one pair of hands but countless, and my head is much bigger. I feel I am not the same as usual. When I feel that I am returning to my original kingdom, paradise. The effect of this power, of this empowerment, becomes greater. If you have faith, you will get what you expect. Do you agree? (Yes.) Do you have faith (Yes.) I can’t hear you. (Yes.) You are too soft. Do you have faith? (Yes.) Okay, this faith will bring you countless, immeasurable benefits.

Good. Now please raise your palms and face me. Those who aren’t present please face a statue of the Buddha, or a photo of me. I believe your sincerity will connect with me, with my energy and my voice; I hope all energy and radiance will be transmitted to your body and life. Let all the best, most beautiful things be transmitted to you. If you are sincere and faithful, you can receive them. Again, I will resolve more negative stuff in you with a single blow. Now, hands together, palm to palm, with gratitude.

This morning’s teaching is now complete. I thank you all.