In this online teaching, Grandmaster JinBodhi reveals the three parts of chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra: the sound, visualization and mudra. These aspects make chanting the mantra extremely effective at helping us realize our wishes as well as uproot our karma, illness and afflictions. We gain incredible energy and are able to deliver our blessings to every part of the world, allowing all of Nature’s creations to benefit.

Grandmaster JinBodhi also performs a drum healing to replenish the participants’ energy and clear away their illnesses. If you ever feel exhausted and afflicted, please spend 40 minutes watching this teaching to have your energy replenished and deliver your sincerest wishes to all of Nature’s creations.

【You will learn】

  • The sound, visualization and mudra that make chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra more effective.
  • The Fire of Wisdom visualization.
  • Ways to fulfill your wishes.
  • Ways to eradicate karma, diseases and afflictions.
  • Drum healing by Grandmaster JinBodhi.

【Featured aphorisms】

  • On the path of practicing dharma, you benefit more by forgetting about yourself and putting others’ interests first.


(Silence your mind and speech. Eyes closed. Get ready to receive an energy healing.)

Relax your body and mind. Remain calm and relaxed.

I perform energy blessings in many ways; one of them is the Six-Syllable Mantra. Usually this is the mantra Guanyin Bodhisattva uses to help all sentient beings. I would like everyone to chant with me. You just need to chant along with me. I normally chant slowly in a low voice. Imagine waves of sound that consist of your thoughts and wishes spreading as far as possible to those who share a karmic bond with you. May all lives be auspicious, healthy and joyful.

You may have back pain, headaches, insomnia or even cancer, but the more you care about yourself during chanting, the less effective it is. You have to forget about yourselves and help others instead, which will benefit you more, in order for this world to become a peaceful and better place. Then those who are karmically connected become healthy and wise. Everyone’s negative karma is eliminated. (Got it!) Everyone has their wishes granted and is auspicious. (Got it!) Everyone is able to obtain boundless wisdom. (Got it!) Everyone becomes a compassionate and tolerant person. (Got it!)

That is the general idea of what we should think of while chanting. It can only be truly effective when we have such a mental state. In order to achieve the best result, put your palms together. This allows your body, speech and mind to become one. We will begin now. You just have to imitate the low voice I use.

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum.

Next, visualize or imagine. What do we visualize? You can visualize that this venue, or your surroundings, are on fire. Many may say that is hard to imagine. You can visualize the sun, which is a fireball, more than 100 times larger than Earth. It is brimmed with fire. So visualize that you are chanting in a sea of fire. Some may ask why we visualize fire. It is because fire can burn away many things.

Imagine that the compassionate fire of wisdom is burning away all your negative karma, illnesses and troubles. Your body may feel especially relaxed after today. There are all kinds of illnesses. Some have slightly odd illnesses. While sleeping at night, a person may feel a black shadow suddenly pressing against their body. They can’t shout or resist. There is a kind of evil aura. After chanting with me for a few minutes, I guarantee that this problem won’t occur within 100 days.

Visualize infinite fire while chanting. Put your palms together because the effect will be 100,000 times greater when your body, speech and mind are one. Think about your wish now and make it. After that, we will chant together. To improve the effectiveness, you can make a light offering before Medicine Buddha. The Medicine Buddha Sutra says that one’s wish can be fulfilled by earning merits and lighting 7-Color Lights for 49 days. Ok, let’s begin.

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum.

By chanting sincerely, miraculous things will happen. Some of you who have illnesses may feel better. Next, I will extract some of your illnesses. I will make some of that pain in your body disappear.

(Gentle reminder: The effect of the healing will be greater if you relax your body.)

Everyone needs to be relaxed.

Bring me the newspaper. Bring me the lighter. Come and give me a hand. All the illnesses and evil influences are gone. Come, place the basin here. Go now, evil, go to the Pure Land. Ok, take the basin away.

Let me pull out some of the illnesses once more.

Alright, now place your hands on your chest. Then shout “Ha”, one, two Ha… Again, Ha… Last one, Ha… For those who are lucky, your aches and pains may have disappeared entirely. You know where the pain was, but it no longer hurts. Dark spots may have even vanished from some of your faces. All of these are possible. We aren’t magicians, but miracles happen sometimes.

Some with shoulder pain can now move their shoulder with ease. It does sound amazing. Some have even fully recovered from a frozen shoulder that wasn’t treatable. This is what happens sometimes. Right, for those of you who take painkillers, you may not need to take them, or sleeping pills, anymore. Some may think, “Could it be this miraculous?” I invite you to try. I have helped many people. You may notice more effects after about 3 days, effects that are beyond your imagination. If these effects do happen, I hope you leave a comment on my Facebook page. I will continue helping you after that.

Many of you may wonder if today’s blessing will be effective, as there are a lot of people here today. In fact, there aren’t that many people here today. I have blessed more than 100,000 people during a ceremony. Even people from Africa may benefit from the live streaming of this ceremony. It does sound unbelievable. In fact, this world is full of mysteries. We know so little. I am still studying it all. I will continue to practice dharma because I hope to help more people.

The energy healing is complete. Please do the closing exercise carefully to better integrate the energy into the body and mind. May everyone be healthy and happy.