Nowadays, many people ask feng shui masters about changing their luck and feng shui. In fact, simply adjusting feng shui cannot ultimately change one’s luck and destiny, as the true elements that help one gain auspiciousness are energy, compassion and the merits generated by good deeds.

So, if you live in a poor environment, this place will become auspicious and prosperous in a few years provided you maintain a kind heart. Why? Because the feng shui is transformed by your kindness. This teaching tells you how to make doing good deeds a regular part of your life and how to develop compassion through meditation, thereby changing your feng shui and destiny.

【You will learn】

  • Inheritance of behavioral energy
  • The method of creating good feng shui
  • Receive blessing from the sword of wisdom from Grandmaster JinBodhi

【Featured aphorisms】

  • Every molecule in the body records our speech, manners and behaviors
  • Accept what you have with a humble, calm and grateful heart.
  • Treat all sentient beings as the Buddha. Behave properly and do no harm; this is the true esoteric spiritual dharma.
  • When your vow is strong enough, it will become reality.
  • A long-term accumulation of merits and virtues might not appear to be much on the surface, but your heart will become dignified, elegant, composed, and wise like that of the Buddha.
  • Immeasurable merits and virtues yield lasting prosperity.
  • The greatest feng shui is the human heart, and the best feng shui is compassion.
  • Being compassionate means forgiving others.
  • With compassion and joy, seize the moment and create the future.


More practice and good deeds will bring merit and virtue. It is indisputable. In this class, there is no need to discuss whether doing good deeds brings us merit and virtue. This is my personal experience. I started learning Buddhadharma in my teenage years. I am not superstitious. I didn’t believe in it. Please don’t be angered by my words, dear masters. You say: “We came to hear you talk, but you say you don’t believe in Buddhadharma.” Why would I believe what you say? I was already in “menopause” when I was ten, and I was very rebellious. Why should I listen to you? I was born rebellious. I got it from my mother. I didn’t listen to anybody easily.

So how did I listen when I needed to? Eventually, I acquired deep knowledge. It is not that I obeyed Mom and believed whatever she said without thinking. With a doubtful, disbelieving eye, I slowly entered the world of Buddhism. I had benefits, but also doubts. Though the dharma benefited me, I questioned everything. I have proven many things many times on my own. Then I started believing. The most difficult things for young people to understand are merit and virtue, causality and retribution. I came to be a believer, my beliefs deepening over time.

Is it good to treat others nicely? Do you think so? Try calling whoever you see ugly. In 3 days, what will you experience? I guess, while you are riding your motorcycle, rotten eggs will be thrown at you. Retribution comes. If your house caught fire, no one would help. Bad behavior will alienate your friends. But if you are nice to others, you may not get instant rewards. Say, you have received lots of money and don’t know from whom. You may not get a quick, mystical result. But negative retribution comes to us fast. Merit and virtue come to us over the long term or transcend time-space.

Sometimes, your qualities don’t allow you to become an eminent person. But your great merit and virtue passes down to your children. A mom may have many merits and virtues. But however hard she works, she won’t become a general. But the deities may think: Her son is a good boy, let’s transfer her merits to him. Then he becomes a general and the founder of a nation. How great he is! This energy can be passed down to the next generation.

All know about DNA, right? Our Taiwanese fellow practitioners are welleducated. You have all been to elementary school? Yes. Those who have been to high school, raise your hand. That is all? Then I don’t have to worry. We all know about genetics and DNA. Modern science still has much to learn about DNA. DNA proves parentage, but there is much more to learn about it. It is a very deep subject. The teaching I am delivering today is stored in my DNA. What is DNA? It is the record of all our behavior that imprints on every body part or cell. Even every water particle holds a record. That is me or us.

Our good or bad, merit or wrongdoing are recorded. The effects of good or bad are also stored. My good or bad can be given to you directly, passed to my disciple. We don’t share any kind of family relationship, yet our bond is stronger than that; my good or bad determines your achievement, auspiciousness, bliss and misfortune. It can also be passed to my children or other blood relatives, be it good or bad energy field. DNA stores many traits and it is a mixed energy bag. If I did more good deeds, the energy field emitting from my DNA and life would send its good and bad to people related to me. Itis passed like this. I used myself as an example. Everyone is the same. If your parents do good deeds, your life will be smooth. If you think it isn’t smooth, your life is better than others’. Some feel sad at only having 2 kids: “a son and a daughter.” Think of how many women can’t have any. After comparing, you will feel happy, knowing you are very blessed.

Our behavior has consequences embedded in our body. It is cause and effect. Your good or bad also affects people who don’t have blood ties with you, like your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend, who has deep feelings for you. This influence will be passed to him or her. Over several decades of marriage, a couple’s speech, movements, word choices and even appearance become more and more similar. The distinctions fade. Many aspects become similar because of DNA’s influence. Especially when we live in the same room, breathing each other’s breath. The influence on the other is huge. The magnetic or energy field influences others. It will affect the people living and working with you, especially your blood relatives.

Of the people I have helped, a considerable number have said: a considerable number have said, “Master, I have practiced for 2 years. My headaches and lower back pain are gone. Why hasn’t my liver problem left me? Why do I still have the heart issue?” I also wish that you improve. Your health improvement after practicing here comforts me so much. I expect you will swiftly become healthy. To be honest, I try to find the root cause of illness, instead of blindly agreeing with practitioners who think their illness is caused by a ghost. Some got scared, they thought they had met a ghost master. Foot pain is caused by a ghost grasping the foot; headache by a ghost grasping the head; heartache by a ghost hurting the heart; psoriasis by a ghost scratching your skin. It is so horrible that turns everything into ghosts. They must have ghosts in the heart.

Don’t believe blindly. I don’t look at illness this way. Some illness are inherited; some are contagious, such as some skin diseases and HIV. Many illnesses are contagious. They have nothing to do with ghosts or spirits. It is like this. When I look at illnesses for others or use my Divine-Eye, I try to be reasonable and scientific when viewing the issue. For certain issues, I see they are inherited from ancestors who did deeds such as killing. If someone of your ancestors did the job of killing animals, you had better be careful. Every family may have such a person in their family tree. If, in the previous 3 generations, there was a person who had such occupation, whatever the reasons for doing this job, it created heavy killing energy that will cause some wronged spirits to haunt you or follow your parents and affect their sons and grandsons. This is horrible. It is real.

A few months ago, perhaps in May, we held a Level 3 Retreat in this center. Was it in May? (April) It was in April. Sometimes I care about national affairs. I turned on TV to watch news on Taiwan News Channel. A case was reported. A young girl from Mainland China was married to someone here. I can’t remember if it was in Taipei or in the southern region. She had a food catering business. There was a man who sold kebabs and made big money. This man had an affair with her. Their love was an extramarital love affair. This lady died. Her death was ruled a suicide.

But why did the case emerge again? This incident happened 4 years ago. One day a psychic told of a dream that had repeated 10 times: A lady who resembled the lady who had died kept telling the story of her murder, and revealed where the evidence was located — near a lake, a riverbank, a stone. The places really exist. The following month, 2 more psychics reported similar dreams to the court. The judge was surprised cause he had had the same dreams. Have you watched the news? Yes? Many have. Isn’t it strange? The case is confirmed to be a murder finally. They found the evidence confirming she was killed by others. Now do you believe there are ghosts?

This is not some gossip or made-up story for a TV show. It is a real court case happening in Taiwan. When I saw it on the news, I paid close attention. I stopped teaching the class. I watched this real case. The judge did a test and burned 3 sticks of incense. If the incense kept burning to the end, it indicated there is nothing wrong. Strangely, all 3 sticks of incense broke in half. What prompted this? The female ghost was trying to say that she had been wronged and wanted help to clear her name. The murderer should get the fitting punishment. Look, when you truly harm and defame others, causing trauma or death, the wronged spirit, its energy, can never let you go.

If you killed a person, go to the authorities and admit it, OK? Otherwise, you will be afflicted to death. If you should be punished but escape it, your children and grandchildren will suffer. If you die, it means you have paid for your wrongdoing. But if you don’t, your children will suffer. Why do some, while driving, fail to see obvious signs and drive off a broken bridge? They couldn’t see the signs and crashed into the sea. Many disasters seem fated, as if the victim was meant to die. Such disasters are caused by unseen beings who pursue the victim. It is retribution. The word “retribution” is unpleasant to the ears, like cursing. It is causality.

So be careful: Please be dependable and loyal. If it is not yours, don’t take it. If it is yours, do take it. But don’t be arrogant and show off. You should keep a low profile, be composed and grateful. Just get what you should get. Many things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Even if we have got a job, a salary, we shouldn’t take it for granted; we should be grateful. When I am working, I should be grateful to the boss. I should be grateful to the person who introduced the job to me. With such gratitude, we can do our work well. Even if I am slow, my boss likes my slowness and especially my loyalty.

How important it is for us to learn how to conduct ourselves. Our afflictions are gone and our job is done. We have also learned causality. So we don’t make mistakes of disregarding causality and retribution. We shouldn’t say anything bad about others. If someone isn’t so bad, then we shouldn’t say he is. Joking is a different thing. Jokes aside, do not gossip, slander or talk behind people’s backs. We shouldn’t do such things, or others that are more serious moral transgressions.

Taiwan is most serious fraud cases were phone and email scams. Such deeds will cause trouble. Someone may obtain money by scamming elderly people, who are vulnerable. But how would he spend it when he is in jail? Even if he escapes human law, would he escape natural law? A saying goes: Justice has long arms. It seems there is nothing to grab you, no restrictions. It may seem you are free. But justice won’t let any criminal go. It is the law of Nature or Heaven, not that of Buddha.

In our cultivation, we should accumulate more merits and virtues. Do only good deeds. Though we sometimes can’t tell good from bad, it doesn’t matter. Just follow others who are doing good deeds, such as constructing temples or meditation centers, even ordinary ones with a master who isn’t enlightened yet. But if he believes in compassion, that is enough. What he teaches is just chanting. It doesn’t matter. It is enough. This is compassion. Why bother to have more esoteric dharma? One thing is enough. If we meet such a master, we should revere him as a buddha. Then we have learned compassion. Take all sentient beings as Buddha. We should be checking our behavior. Don’t hurt others. This is the true mental esoteric dharma. We need to revere and make offerings to help construct meditation centers and spread Buddhadharma.

Our Bodhi Meditation has developed quite fast. You can see Bodhi practitioners’ donations. This center can hold hundreds of people or a thousand; with the section at the back, it can hold 1,500 to 2,000 people. How convenient it is for us to meditate. When it rains, we can practice Energy Bagua inside. Many regain health after practicing Energy Bagua. Is there anyone? (Yes.) Who has benefited from Energy Bagua? Wow. So many. Wonderful! Wonderful! I learned Energy Bagua when I was young. It became so helpful. The dharma I practiced when I was young is so effective.

I have taken a complicated form and made it easy. My master was also a reformer. He integrated many kinds of dharma into one that others can’t recognize. I further condensed it so that people of average intelligence can practice it. My master said, “You could only learn 4 steps.” I think everyone is only capable of learning one step. The simpler to learn, the easier to spread. There are many moves designed for fighting. What we want is peace and friendliness, right? No need for movements that hurt. What we learn is the trick to being healthy and living long. How wonderful it is!

Everyone is circling around a tree like idiots. But don’t forget we can have longevity like a tree. This is the purpose of learning. When I was young, I asked my master: “I am slow. There is a kid who says I am slow. You circle around a tree. A tree is slow-witted, are you slow too?” Master told me: “You are not slow. A tree lives a long time and so can you.” I thought: Though I am an idiot, I can live long. This practice is worthwhile. Thinking of longevity, I started circling around the tree. It is truly good for our health.

Actually, practicing Energy Bagua is as beneficial as Buddhadharma. Apart from giving me confidence, it has developed my Divine-Eye. Some may wonder: Can practicing Energy Bagua open Divine-Eye? After practicing Energy Bagua for a while, I could see many things. Has anyone seen more things? How? People have clothes on. Just joking. But opening Divine-Eye is possible. If you have not opened yours, it is your problem. Different people have different capacities and insights. The speed of individual progress varies. Your Divine-Eye may come later, wisdom and health may come first. You can open the gate to longevity. How wonderful! You are healthy and will live long. Even if you spent lots of money, you couldn’t buy this gift.

A wealthy American man lived in Orange County, in the Los Angeles area. Has anyone been there? This local landlord is very rich. Any piece of land can be worth $ 1 million. One-third of the land belonged to him. When he was 76, he was told he won’t live long and was angry He said, “I am rich. I will give $1 million to whoever can give me one more year.” Many doctors’ eyes went green, but they couldn’t extend his life. If he had met me, he would have been lucky. What a pity! I could have made $1 million a year. So longevity can’t be bought. It’s up to you to believe it or not.

Many illnesses are incurable. It is not that we can’t afford to see a doctor or take medication. In Taiwan, medical care is inexpensive, right? Only a small cost for medical expenses. Seeing the doctor anytime, right? Many seniors go to a hospital daily, becoming good friends with the doctors. “You again. You are early today.” It is almost like this. Is there a requirement that you have to see a doctor at certain times monthly? I don’t go, though it is a good deal. Free medical care means the government covers your medical fees. But still, there are many incurable illnesses. Some cause much pain, others less so; some are fatal, others just chronic. Many health issues can’t be treated medically. No one can cure you if you have such an issue. You can only bear it quietly.

But Energy Bagua, circling around a tree, is an easy-to-learn method which brings so many people health. It saves huge amount of medical expenses. Regardless of your age, your family will suffer if you are ill. Someone will have to care for you. How troublesome! Though they put on a brave face, they are suffering mentally, secretly crying for you. Practicing Energy Bagua makes us healthy. We don’t keep such dharma a secret. Do you want to learn this method to pass it to people in need? If so, just do it. Doing this accumulates immeasurable merit and virtue. Saving one life is worthier than building a 7 story pagoda. What does that mean? If you save someone’s life, you will go to Paradise and the Pure Lands. If you save more lives, your whole family’s sins will be eliminated. Your children and posterity will be blessed and protected by such compassionate energy. Their success is your reward. So that is why you should teach people Energy Bagua.

There is only one requirement. A tree is all you need. Many aspired fellow practitioners transplant a tree if they don’t have one. Then one can practice. It can truly save one’s life. It is wonderful. Open more Energy Bagua sites to help others. People don’t know about it. So we need to advertise it. Our centers need to prepare some advertising boards. OK? Do our Taiwan centers advertise Energy Bagua practice sites? Yes? Yes. I have never seen one. (Yes.)

How many of you have a car? Raise your hand. I don’t want your car, don’t worry, just raise your hand. Have you put the Bodhi Meditation logo on it? No. You haven’t thought of it. Though you love Bodhi Meditation, you haven’t done enough. A compassionate, moral person should repay a drop of kindness with a bucket. How do you repay? Put a Bodhi Meditation logo on your car. It only takes up a little space. Daily practice makes you live past 99. Sticking the logo on your car shows your gratitude. You couldn’t even show your gratitude. Though you bow upon seeing me, I can’t tell if you are a good or bad person. I still have doubts about you.

You have benefited, but haven’t done anything to repay. To repay, I don’t need your money or invitations to meals; the biggest expression of gratitudeis you helping others. The most important thing is to accumulate merit and virtue. How important! You just bring a tree over. Sometimes, no need to bring a tree. There are many trees in parks. Taiwan is in the tropics and has millions of trees. Practice in the open. Put up an ad and people will come. Just explain what it is. No need to make it sound miraculous. Just tell them how you benefited from Energy Bagua. Do more of this.

In other places such as the States and Canada, We have gained the government’s praise. August 3rd was declared “Bodhi Meditation Day” by 2 cities. Citizens celebrate it every year. There are many beneficiaries in Taiwan. Has any Taiwanese city designated Bodhi Meditation Day? It indicates lack of faith. When we wanted to build a center in Taichung, the center director, Wuzi, asked me, “When can we afford our center?” I said, “If there is one person who truly wants to build this center, and his aspiration reaches an inconceivable level, we will be able to afford it.”

After a few years’ effort, we bought the place. Regarding the decoration, she asked: “Master, when can we afford decoration so that we can practice and help others?” My reply was: “When your wish of helping others is extremely strong, things will be done.” In Taichung, is there anyone whose wish to help others is stronger than to have their baby? If there is, please stand up.

Now, 4 people have stood up. You all have a good look at them, 4 of them. If there is one person, a Taichung center will be built. If there are 4, there will be 4 centers in Taichung. (Got it.)

If your true wish has reached a certain degree, success comes. This is inconceivable. It is hard to understand. Just like ghosts, buddhas and bodhisattvas do exist. When your great compassionate wish is so strong that no one can change it, buddhas will arrange things for you. Money, materials and karmic-bonded people will come. Those truly aspired bodhisattvas with merit and virtue will come. Also, those who need help will wait for you. Then a center will be built. It ois like this. Things happen when your aspiration reaches a certain degree. At the beginning, you have doubts. Will it work? Is this a good master? You are thinking this way, of course there is no result. When you think of your master as excellent, the center can be built. So when you have your aspiration, wish and fortitude, success arises.

Constructing such a big center costs lots of money. If we were to sit down and hold a dharma ceremony, could we accommodate 800 people? Over 800. If the roadside is included, we can have 8,000 people. See, our center can hold 800 people at least. The space is nice looking, being square. It is also the best location in Taichung. (It’s the best.) It’s the best. People have never thought about this. The great place behind the famous Japanese organization Sogo is waiting for us to build a center. All is turned to reality by one’s mind, by strong thought. Magic can create a living human, right? We can create a meditation center. When our wish is strong enough, the center will be created. When your wish is strong enough, karmic-bonded bodhisattvas await you.

So Wu-zi and many great bodhisattvas in Taichung did very well. I am so touched. (Thank you, Master.) Thank you, Wu-zi. (Thank you, Master.)

Immeasurable merits and virtues for you! Our looks are still the same looks we got from parents. But our internal looks have transformed into those of buddhas: good-looking, beautiful, composed and sagacious. Your children, in all aspects — career, marriage, school and lifestyle — will be auspicious and have wishes fulfilled. (Got it.)

I’ve seen many people’s houses. I am not a feng shui master, just a selfcultivator. I can perceive and feel. I see by senses and perceptions. Sometimes, I get a spooky feeling upon entering a home. That often indicates family disharmony. Children don’t listen to parents. Not only that, they still do bad deeds. The parents suffer greatly. Family business or finance falls down. It is like this. The leader of the family is also biting and sharp.

When it comes to families that are blessed, look at the leaders: They are relaxed, not obsessed with cleanliness, easygoing and easy to get along with. Often such people are auspicious and peaceful. The man may have a business, and the woman may have a charity. Since they are busy working, their house isn’t that clean. But you feel peaceful and auspicious. You feel warm and comfortable. You will want to sit down and have a nap. Or drink a cup of tea to enjoy such a magnetic field. Houses or offices with such energy are the most compassionate and auspicious.

I am sharing my feng shui experience with you. Only diligent practice can make you more sensitive to these feng shui details. A Buddhist practitioner sees feng shui not by traditional methods but by energy sensing. This is exclusive to Buddhists. Practice to sense it. Then you can connect with it. Those who often do charity work cultivate differently. Charity work is a way of cultivating. The same goes for helping through manual labor. You shall gain the aforementioned abilities. Or by donating a large sum to build a center. You gain the sensing ability.

Say, you are a big investor. When you want to invest, something will alert you, warning you not to invest or to sell your stocks. The mother of a fellow practitioner likes speculating on stocks. Is Jue-xiang here? Stand out. Don’t be embarrassed. It is her. Let everyone get to know you. I am speaking about a real person and event. Jue-xiang, this disciple, she started practicing with me as a teenager. At that time, she was a young meatball. Now a small meatball has grown into a big one. Her mother likes speculating on stocks. She didn’t listen to me regarding this hobby.

Last year there was a stock market crisis. She told me about it. I don’t need her to repeat the story here. One day, her mother had a dream: Wow. A big flood. Her mother thought water in her dream meant money. You can see how much her mother likes money. Next, the flood damaged the house. She felt something was wrong. In the morning, she bowed to my photo. I started to shake, look unhappy and stare at her. Then she felt something was wrong. “Master was alerting me.” Her occupation is speculating on stocks. She decided to sell all her stocks. The next day, the stock market plunged. But before it happened, she sold her stocks at high prices. She earned several times more than her initial investment. You see, people who do good deeds are protected by buddhas and deities. At crucial moments, they will sense it. People who don’t bother to accumulate merits, those who are greedy, money-minded and lacking morality, they will find that when their merits are used up they end up jumping into a trap. Many such people exist. It is important that we accumulate merits and virtues. This young person’s story is a good example.

I have helped many investors. Some investments bear fruit 6 months later. This person lost lots of money. I told him not to invest, he said “We can only win by striving hard.” But he became penniless. He told me, “Master, thank you for protecting me; otherwise, I would have lost my life.” The next time he invested, he told me: “Who can mess with me?” Again, a pathetic failure. Millions of dollars lost. Such people are everywhere. When people have some intelligence, they can become arrogant: “See how smart I am? Who’s smarter than me?” Everyone is smarter than you. Earning money doesn’t depend on smartness.

Many fortunate, prosperous people are very practical. Truly smart people who become really practical can be prosperous. For a small business, cheating may be tempting. But after it turns big, why should you keep your word? If you don’t, bad luck will find you. Doing big business, you need dependability and wisdom. This way you can become fortunate and prosperous. Also, immeasurable merit and virtue makes you prosperous forever. Otherwise, wealth won’t last more than 3 generations. This is not my opinion, but the natural law.

The first generation had no money, so worked hard to make money. The second maintained the property. The third just spends money. Since birth, a child of the third is spoiled by money. His role is to destroy the family. This is your grandchild. So wealth won’t last more than 3 generations. This is due to such circumstances. Thus, how should wealthy people live? A simple life. Don’t wear gold and silver; don’t dress luxuriously. Don’t use the most expensive for everything. Don’t have such thinking. Having wealth is a blessing; its wise use begets a long life. You want lasting good luck so that your family stays safe. Accumulate merits and virtues. You can never have too many.

Each day, time is passing. The sun rises in the East every day. This law never changes. Everything exists in the context of being born and dying, appearing and disappearing or reproducing. A new age and new things appear every day. Now it is the Internet era. At the beginning, I tried to avoid it. When I got my computer, I felt bad. It was like my first time in the UK; I knew nothing about it. So I resisted computers at the beginning. I didn’t use them. “Master, let’s watch a video or movie to kill time.” “OK, let’s buy a simple machine to play a DVD, one that’s as simple as pushing buttons.”

Many may feel the same as me. Later, my disciples said: “Master, you can’t do without a computer. In it, there is all you need. It is convenient for work, note-taking, meetings, and calling. It is so convenient you almost can get food from it. You can’t avoid it, you have to use it.” So I can’t avoid it. Be brave to use a computer well. Through the Internet, my teachings, my chattering stuff, are sent out. My teachings reach the States and Canada, all over the world. They continue chattering like me. It has no boundaries. This is great. In a few countries, people need to bypass internet censorship to watch it. It is truly good. I think it is wonderful. What is the popularity of Bodhi Meditation now? Our weekly internet viewers reach almost 3 Million.

I forgot to remind you: As Buddhadharma is omnipresent, when listening to my chattering, just relax, body and mind. Maybe some miracles will happen to you. Don’t worry about losing your wallet. Maybe your illness and afflictions will disappear or lessen. (Got it.) Someone’s illness may disappear on the spot and never come back. (Got it.) Just relax. No need to show utmost reverence. Just go with the flow. Take me as a friend. That should be OK.

The Internet is truly convenient. Sending messages and letters doesn’t require envelopes and postmen. That is the traditional way. Now, you just need to type and push a button. It can reach the recipient, however far away, within seconds. If I am watching a video, it is possible to share with others what I am watching. While I am watching, you can watch too. Do you know about this? Some do, and some don’t. Now I am teaching and chatting with you. All over the world, about one million people are watching it right now. So the Internet is truly convenient.

Due to wrong or slightly incorrect views toward matters, many get afflictions and obstacles in life, career and emotions. Sometimes, through listening to my chat, your issues will disappear. I analyze problems based on the Zen perspective. Then you will realize your “problem” isn’t really a problem. Attending my teachings often, you will soon realize the problems are gone. The issue that made you stuck and uncomfortable before my chat is gone. Due to anger, some may have a big lump on their abdomen. After listening to my teachings twice, they may find it has disappeared. How did the problem develop? Wrong understanding. After untying the knot in your heart, your issue and illness are gone. Many people’s illnesses can disappear instantly. That is the truth. People can accept it.

There is something that is hard to understand. Say, when I am chatting with you, I invite all deities, bodhisattvas, dharma protectors and buddhas to help and bless you, and pass you the most auspicious, healthy and joyful energy. (Got it.) But this happens during my chat. Whoever is listening will receive such blessing. (Got it.) Don’t say I give psychological hints. No. After listening, your illness is really gone. This is not from psychological hints. It is a true miracle. Such miracles happen on every day of my teaching.

For example, tumors in women’s abdomens, how do we get rid of them? Through surgery, right? Some females with tumors excrete them after my talk. You can’t believe it, right? People who weighed 240 kg practiced with me for 2 months, and then they weighed 104 kg. They could never have imagined this. If they had gone to a doctor, the flesh would have been cut piece by piece. But they dare not undergo such surgery. Many weight-loss medications make people sick. And those who take them remain heavy; their buttocks are still large. Thus, the benefits of practice are infinite and inconceivable. While listening to my teaching, many people’s issues disappear. It is not my ability, but my Buddhist practice, my compassionate connection with Buddha, all beings and deities.

Let me leak a small secret about my past dharma practice: I was granted a treasure sword from Amitabha Buddha to rally all deities. When I invoked profound dharma in the past, I would point my fingers to the sky. Remember? I was using that sword to muster all deities to help everyone. Now I am again pulling out that treasure sword to invite deities to help all these karmicbonded people so as to let all illnesses disappear, and allow everyone to gain a pure, transparent body. All illnesses are caused by karma; all illnesses are caused by mind and consciousness. Now all of you are purified and compassionate. All illnesses turn to smoke and disappear. Leave, illnesses, leave. We are healthy, happy and compassionate.

We love and protect all sentient beings, all things in Nature. We respect our parents, our ancestors. We love and protect our children, all people, and all plants. Revere the water we drink. Be grateful to the grains we eat. We are full of gratitude. We are afflicted no longer. We hurt no more. We love and protect all sentient beings. We are auspicious and wish-fulfilling. We put compassion into our body, integrate it into our whole life, and turn it into our soul. We send compassion and smiles to all sentient beings. We are no longer angry. We forgive others for their mistakes. We are most compassionate. Our compassionate heart is as broad as a vast ocean. I forgive others for bringing me afflictions. All sentient beings are confused, making mistakes as I do. Forgive them, please. Let bygones be bygones. Things that passed won’t come back.

The me of today is most compassionate, forgiving, and as tolerant as an ocean. I accept and contain everything. I am one with everything, I accept and forgive everything. Forgiving others for their mistakes is compassion. Forgiving others for the hurt they brought me is compassion. Forgive our friends and family for bringing us afflictions as we also brought them afflictions. Forgive our enemies. All mistakes and hatred are due to ignorance. He is only one sentient being. He is ignorant, without insight into truth. Because of not knowing truth, he hurts. We should have the Buddha’s allcompassionate heart.

Forgive them, please.
Forgive them, please.
I am most tolerant.
I am most compassionate.
I am most tolerant.
I am most compassionate.

With tears, we are bravely turning over a new page. The past has passed. With compassion and joy, grasp the present and create a good future.

I am most tolerant.
I am most compassionate.
I am most peaceful.
I am most wise.

My heart is as large as an ocean; my heart contains the whole Universe. There is nothing I can’t bear. My heart contains the whole Universe. My heart is as broad as an ocean. I am most compassionate. I forgive all people. I forgive my enemies. I am as compassionate and wise as Buddha.

Take a few deep breaths and exhale. Breathe out all afflictions. Forgive others for their mistakes. Breathe them out. Forgive them again. Thoroughly forgive them again. These afflictions, obstacles and sufferings are stuck in your body, so release and let them out.

Forgive your enemies. People are fearless due to ignorance, and cause hurt as a result. They’re just ordinary people with ignorance. With our allcompassion, let’s forgive them. Breathe them out. Take 3 deep breaths to forgive enemies. From now on, let it go. I no longer have an enemy or anger in my heart. If it still doesn’t work, cough them out.

Follow me in saying:
I am most compassionate. (I am most compassionate.)
I forgive all for all things. (I forgive all for all things.)
I am most tolerant. (I am most tolerant.)
I have a Buddha heart. (I have a Buddha heart.)
I am most compassionate. (I am most compassionate.)
I am tolerant with everything. (I am tolerant with everything.)
I am most compassionate. (I am most compassionate.)

Wow, congratulations to all! (Thank you, Master.)