Many troubles come from our mind, consciousness and judgment. People’s feelings about an issue differ depending upon their own interpretation of it.

For example, people deal with criticism or insults differently. When someone is told they’re “as stupid as a pig,” they might think to themselves that “pigs are quite cute” and laugh it off. But someone else may respond by feeling insulted and getting violent. People who are carefree tend to have fewer worries and less pain, and usually stay healthier and happier. How do they do it? This teaching will share with you the wisdom in resolving all troubles and illnesses.

【You will learn】

  • The wisdom of not being bothered or hurt when facing obstacles.
  • Ways to resolve current troubles and illnesses.
  • A good way to eliminate disasters.
  • Grandmaster JinBodhi’s blessing to eliminate spinal problems, rheumatism and various other pains.

【Featured aphorisms】

  • Only with a heart as big as an ocean can you be worry-free and relieved of all pain and diseases
  • Emotions could cause you to blindly treat others as enemies; if you see them as wise reminders, you will be enlightened.
  • True self-cultivators do not care about external appearances; they care about the state of their mind and their understanding of the world.
  • Learn to take advantage of troubles; accept what seems to be against you and turn it into nourishment for self-cultivation, thus elevating yourself and stimulating enlightenment.
  • Those who are wise will treat things with a peaceful mind and accept others with a tolerant heart.
  • Treat those around you with compassion and loving care and you will experience true happiness.
  • Be compassionate; your heart and mind will become as broad as the ocean and the Universe.


With the guidance of a compassionate heart and mind, we allow our heart to become as vast as an ocean and the Universe. Afflictions are no longer afflictions. Everything flows into an ocean, be it the filthy or the most unclean water. Such tremendous tolerance is Buddha. He doesn’t struggle against mundane people. Struggling creates hatred and afflictions. With an all-compassionate, tolerant heart, we take in everything and tolerate all things.

Since numerous illnesses come from our mind, consciousness and judgment, only with a broad mind can we not be hurt. Some still smile after being scolded, free of hatred. Some explode after hearing one criticism and grab a knife. With a huge body, the heart is as tiny as a sesame. Even if we are small, weak and short with little muscle tone, with compassion, my heart is like an ocean that can bear everything. There is nothing I can’t take responsibility for, tolerate and bear. What afflictions would I have? Even if such an all-compassionate heart is fake, but we believe it is real, we can overcome and dissolve afflictions. Without afflictions, we are free of illnesses.

Many tumors come from afflictions. Many breast tumors are caused by anger and desire. When emotions are ungratified, you will get such an illness. The ungratified emotions will show as tumors. That is how tumors appear. When your heart is as vast as an ocean, you can be carefree and dissolve all sufferings and illnesses. If we open the gate to a long life, all illnesses will disappear; we will be healthy and live a long life. All our life and wisdom will open up. With such a heart plus some cultivation and accumulation of merit and virtue, you will live happily, healthily and freely every day. Even if you serve all sentient beings, and consume more physical energy, you won’t be ill. Service increases merit and virtue. For others, it is affliction, but for me, it is peaceful and even helps me grow.

In our practice, we need to use circumstances of adversity. For no reason, someone treats you badly, scolds, abuses and humiliates you. Let me tell a story about the Buddha. Sakyamuni Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. When he was alive, his teachings didn’t go smoothly. It wasn’t as easy as in the legends. He was a prince whose father was a king. It should have been easy for him to teach dharma. According to records, his father helped him. He asked a few guards to protect him. Since he wanted to spread Buddhadharma, his father found some noblemen to be monks and support for him. Just like other eminent fathers who support their children in their career. Buddha’s father supported him.

As a result, trouble came. Buddha’s cousin, Devadatta, was a close relative. Let’s imagine his thinking: “He eats more, sleeps more; his math skills and oration are inferior to mine; girls prefer me. In all aspects, he is no better than me. If he can become enlightened, I will become enlightened much earlier.” Buddha’s cousin had his own way to deliver clear and logical teachings. Even if he led others astray, others wouldn’t be aware of it as all sentient beings are ignorant. His approach was charming and mesmerizing, like a drug. If someone advocates taking drugs, some will try it. After a few times, they get addicted and can’t stop. Devadatta had such charm. Even if Buddha has charm, he’s far less charming than demons.

All vices that can corrupt us tempt our five senses. Devadatta was a very charming handsome man, and he also had wisdom and insights. Otherwise, how could he have become an antagonist to Buddha? Also, Buddha couldn’t get rid of him. It was impossible for Buddha to send someone to murder his cousin. Conversely, Devadatta sent people to kill Buddha. Several times, he hurt Buddha with stones. Buddha didn’t hurt him at all, but forgave him.

Later on, Buddha declared him a buddha: Someone asked: “Look at your cousin, Devadatta, he wanted to kill you and taught wrong dharma.” In the sutra, Buddha replied: “Disciples, you don’t realize…” The following is my story: It goes something like this — “He hurt you so much. How can he liberate himself, become a buddha or achieve enlightenment? He is a big criminal. If we could kill, he deserves killing many times over. When he hurt you, we suffered such heartache.” Buddha said, “To be honest, if he didn’t spread evil dharma and mislead people to stimulate me, I wouldn’t have taught diligently. If he didn’t race against me, I could have been lazy or stopped. I was motivated to cultivate and teach diligently. Otherwise, I would have been lazy.”

Talking about this makes me remember something: In some places, such as Hong Kong and the States, there are dog races. I haven’t been in person, but I have seen races on TV. May I ask you: What does a dog like to chase? Wu-zhi, what does a dog like to chase? I know you are not a dog, so you don’t know. I am a dog, and I know, OK? A dog likes chasing a rabbit like your husband chased you. Of course, he was born in the Year of the Dog. Oh, you may not be born in the Year of the Rabbit. Dogs naturally like chasing rabbits. It is their instinct to chase rabbits. Girls born in the Year of the Rabbit would suffer if they met boys born in the Year of the Dog. The boys would give chase, forcing the girls to run. To prompt a dog to race, since a dog isn’t a human who knows the destination and runs toward it, a dog isn’t as smart as a human, and doesn’t always follow orders, a fake rabbit is pulled ahead of the dog. The dog chases wildly after the rabbit, scoring a fast time.

Because Buddha’s cousin was disobedient and evil, but boundlessly charming with great dharma power, he had many disciples. He managed to lure people. So it is not that only good people can be charming. Evil people are also very charming. During WWII, Hitler was so charming that he mesmerized many Germans. Many kids had toy guns and pretended to be soldiers who killed enemies to protect their country. The scientists who worked with Einstein also wanted to be soldiers to protect their country. So they created the atomic bomb. Hitler’s attractiveness was very powerful. Devadatta was also a very charming person. Buddha said that because of his cousin’s evil ways, he was prompted to teach right dharma and practice diligently. If he didn’t, his cousin would surpass him. He had to contemplate diligently; otherwise, his cousin would beat him. His cousin’s wrong teachings would confuse people. So Buddha taught dharma and practiced diligently, otherwise, Buddha’s charm would have been beaten down, and no one would have wanted to learn Buddhism.

It was like this in Buddha’s lifetime. How about in our life? At home we often encounter challenges. But being criticized may not be bad for you. If we look at matters as Buddha does, we naturally let it go and forgive the other. We may even think the other may be right. We should listen, keep the reasonable part; and leave out the unreasonable. Don’t get afflicted by seeing obstacles and enemies. Seeing others as enemies is caused by emotions. Taking criticism as a teaching shows you are enlightened.

In our practice, be it at home or in your career or practicing at our center, one must pass tests. When you see me, your master, you hope to see I am perfect. In the early days, disciples invited me home for a meal. I shouldn’t have gone, but their sincerity touched me, so I went. They baked a cake for me; I started to eat. Their child opened his mouth, looking at me. I asked, “What happened?” He said, “So you eat too.” I wasn’t polite and said, “Nonsense. Of course I eat.” “Our photo of you doesn’t eat.” “Nonsense. It is a photo.” “Why don’t you eat in the video?” “They didn’t film me eating. You should blame the cameraman. It is not my fault. I eat daily. Except when I meditated a lot, I often didn’t eat.”

It is often like this. Even when close to me, you still think your perfect master isn’t human. A driver of mine said: “Before I met Master, I respected Master very much. After driving for him, I realized he is just ordinary.” Others asked: “What happened?” “He slept in my car.” I was scared to take a ride from him next time. If I did, I would drink a few cups of coffee beforehand so I wouldn’t sleep. I was forced to take a taxi. If I am in his car, I dare not do anything. If he thinks I am doing anything odd, he will throw me out of his car. So I had better not do anything odd.

Actually, a person’s appearance isn’t important, but his wisdom and views on matters are. Achieving Buddhahood lies in enlightenment, not in becoming a deity. If I became a deity, I could fly. As in a movie, a deity or a superman can fly. It is another state of being. Achieving buddhahood isn’t like this. When Sakyamuni Buddha was teaching, he didn’t fly like a superman to a place, but walked there, or rode an elephant or horse. He used vehicles and his legs. He didn’t fly to places. Are there people who obtain high spiritual powers and fly for a short time? Yes. When I mention this, you wonder if Buddha could fly. Ask Buddha; don’t ask me.

The key of Buddhism is wisdom. Why do we need wisdom? We need to see through matters. Then we won’t be obstructed by issues or rules. Without obstacles, we are free of afflictions. Without afflictions, we are less likely to fall ill. This freedom is the purpose of Buddhist practice. Buddha became a monk and taught everywhere for one purpose. What was it? To help all sentient beings be free of sufferings and gain happiness. It was not to become a deity. The true method of leaving suffering and gaining happiness isn’t about losing or gaining some weight, or earning more or less money. It is about seeing through matters. We need wisdom to do so. All we practice is to gain wisdom.

Regarding the merit, virtue and retribution we mentioned, only with wisdom can we see these laws of Nature. It may be a bit hard to understand. It is the law that transcends the time-space of Nature, Earth or the Universe. It is causality. No one can escape this law. Causality is simple to understand. Why do we drink water? We are thirsty, right? Why do we wash our face? It is dirty. Why do males need girlfriends? They have a desire to do so. Why do we eat? We are hungry. This is the basic concept of causality. Why do you quarrel? You disagree with each other, right? She wants to buy something, but you object or you are out of cash. So there is a dispute, right? Leave who is right or wrong aside. Things happen as a result of a root cause. Since we are aware of causality, do as Buddha told us: Do no harm, do only good deeds. This is the most important reminder about causality.

With wisdom, we can see through matters and conduct ourselves freely. With wisdom, do we still die? Yes. But we can reduce many illnesses before death, as you see through matters. Say, when you are shopping, someone scolds you. Ordinary people would be indignant, right? How unlucky to be scolded for no reason. I don’t know him. You get very angry. Let’s invent a scene. What sometimes happens? You are on your way to shopping and meet a seemingly crazy person who curses you. How would you react? Something wrong with the person? Maybe not. Maybe you have hurt his parents. Then his curse is mild, all considered.

Once I met such a person. In Taiwan, I seldom go shopping. One early morning, I got up to go shopping. In fact, I had never shopped there and didn’t know where to go. I circled a few times, trying to find the market. I asked a man, “Sir, how do we get to the market?” “Are you stupid? Are you a lunatic?” I said, “It seems I am a bit stupid.” “Have you paid back the money you owe me?” I said, “When did I owe you money?” “Did you really forget?” “I really forgot. It is my first time meeting you. How much do I owe?” He said he didn’t remember. “Oh, is that so? Wait a sec.” He was waiting there. I hid in the corner and watched him. He said to the air, “Do you know who you are? Have you returned the money you owe me?” So I asked for this situation by taking him seriously.

So don’t take things too seriously, except for car accidents. But not minor things. No one takes earthquakes seriously in Taiwan. I ran downstairs dozens of times to find no one else cared. When the first earthquake I experienced shook the building badly, I ran downstairs, saw a doorman and said to him: “An earthquake is coming!” I was about to start shouting. He said, “Don’t make a fuss. Don’t disturb people.” I said I’d called people to come down. “Don’t call them. Quakes often happen.” Taiwanese people don’t need to cultivate. They have great composure. No wonder some Taiwanese have big buttocks. When buildings shake, they feel more comfortable. Their sleep becomes more sound. On that morning, I observed people’s expressions. It seemed nothing happened. Wow, they’re great. If it happened in the States or Mainland China, everyone would be on alert. They would set up tents and sleep outside. In Taiwan, everyone sleeps soundly inside.

Facing matters, different people perceive them differently. Say, today someone cursed you. “You owe me money.” “No, I don’t.” “If you deny it, I will slap you.” If you didn’t owe him money but got beaten, would you be troubled? I would be, but not for long. I would think this person is a bit slowwitted. A lunatic slapped you. Let it be. If you are not killed, you should thank Buddha for the protection. You should be glad. Before he took a knife out, you ran away. You should feel very happy. If you get obsessed with a lunatic, can you reason with him? No. This is enlightenment. Such a simple truth seems to elude most people.

Worries arise any time. Those who have children, please raise your hand. Raise your hand if your children bring you worries. Many are embarrassed to raise their hand. You are afraid your children will see. It happens everywhere. But how many issues are truly serious? Few. When serious issues come, some don’t even get angry. Humans are ignorant. They don’t get angry about serious issues, but small ones. Say, when a child drops a bowl, his mother scolds him harshly. But he lost your $20,000, and you said nothing. So humans need to be blessed with wisdom. To gain wisdom, we need to practice dharma.

There is still one more thing: the blessing to practice. With blessing, one can have the chance to practice. If people lack blessing, even if you preach to them daily, they will ignore you. Thus, only people with blessing can practice. Only people with blessing can support and protect Buddhadharma. Also, when blessed people with money protect and support Buddhadharma, the fact that wealth won’t pass to the third generation can be changed. Your grandkids stop squandering money. They may not increase your wealth, but at least they keep it. If you accumulate more merit and virtue, your grandchildren not only stop squandering, they generate prosperity. This relies on one’s blessing.

Doing more good deeds brings immeasurable merit and virtue. So, welcome to help more at the center after benefiting from Bodhi Meditation. Who should be concerned with the center’s affairs? They are the affairs of all beings. Don’t say you are working for Buddha. You are accumulating merit and virtue and doing things for all sentient beings. It is about immeasurable merits and virtues. I hope everyone believes in this.

Let me tell stories about Vancouver as I stayed there for a long time. Many fellow practitioners in Vancouver have to drive a lot. They live far from each other. Many live in houses, not highrises. Houses of 2 or 3 stories are popular. The population is quite sparse. People need to drive. Car accidents are common. There were 10 to 20 cars totally destroyed by accidents, but the drivers remained unscathed. They only had a few bruises or cuts on their noses. Cars are made of metal and they get totaled. Think of how fragile a human is! I also had premonitions for some practitioners, and warned them to drive carefully. I warned them seriously. I sensed they would have a car accident. I told them to do more good deeds, more practice to resolve a potential issue. The car is a loss in the accident but the driver was unscathed. Such incidents happened. But the person’s fate changed. Merit and virtue saved him.

A new practitioner was very busy with her job. She was a researcher in a lab and was working on many projects. She worked for over 12 hours daily. She had to do research and had no time to practice. She came to the center occasionally. Once I met her and said to her: “You are going to have some trouble.” Usually I don’t say this, afraid of scaring people. I don’t cheat either. Some fortunetellers would say: “Quick! Offer some lights to ward off disaster.” I can’t do that. Saying things against our conscience is a sin. To her, I told her the truth. She said, “I have no time to practice. Master, help me dissolve the problem.” I said, “If you are not free to practice, just offer 2 lights.” Do we have lights here? We have butter lamps. They smell good. “Offer 2 to Medicine Buddha,” I said. She asked, “Are 2 enough?”

I said, “According to the sutras, 49 are needed. But maybe it is too much for you. Just light 2. It will be OK. If I asked you for more, you would think I was cheating you. I don’t have enough space for 49. Just light 2, it is enough.” We have many people offering lights in Vancouver. Many are businessmen or officials. Being an official is like wire-walking. Danger looms. In the morning, you are fine, but in the evening, trouble may arrive. You may be accused of wrongdoing. Businessmen always want to make a bigger profit, but eventually, the more investment, the more loss. So people seek protection by offering lights. I told the lady that offering 2 lights would be enough. She believed in me. “I believe you,” she said. Because her mother believes in me very much.

She offered 2 big “pineapple” lights. “Since only 2 lights, I am choosing the biggest and putting them closest to the Buddha statue,” she said. I lit them for her and put them at either side of Buddha. I asked fellow practitioners not to throw them away before they burn out, so as to express her wish and eliminate disaster. This lady didn’t have time to practice. A couple months later, she came to me. Upon seeing me, she kowtowed. She is an intellectual. She was raised in China and then moved to Canada. When her father died, she didn’t kneel down. Even though I am not dead, she knelt down for me.

She was moved. “Master, you have saved me. Did you know?” Many people were watching. “My car was a total loss, smashed into pieces. “The car was totally damaged. I remained unscathed. The most important thing is my baby was also unscathed.” How wonderful! She wanted to make a donation. She asked about light offerings. I said, “No need. We are renovating. You can make a donation.” She pulled out her checkbook. “Please write however much you want.” I am a principled person. I told her to think about it. “I can give $300,000.” I said, “That is too much.”

Her income was high. But I was afraid that $300,000 was too much. She might have regrets by the time she got home. “Just express your gratitude.” “Really. I feel bad.” “If you don’t write it, I’ll do it. Just write $30,000.” You just express your heart and Buddha will get it. You have eradicated the disaster.” Someone standing beside her said: “Donate more. Is your life only worth $30,000?” She was put in a difficult situation. A couple months later, she brought another $30,000. I wasn’t there then. She handed it to the finance department. She was truly touched.

At crucial times, we do good deeds to help people. Light-offering is a good deed. Those who practice well can give others energy blessings. Some can give financial or other kinds of help. Such good deeds help one accumulate merit and virtue. I only gave one example of light-offering. Stories about how light-offering brought people auspiciousness abound. In many of our centers, a big portion of income comes from light offering. Because it is very efficacious. In many of our centers, experienced fellow practitioners give people some guidance. You draw a Divine lot. The lots give you some guidance on your life or fate. In an ordinary temple, there isn’t such a thing, right? But people all expect some guidance. Through this method, we help people predict their future to avert their disasters. We believe in compassion. Compassion is the most beautiful quality. Treat people with compassion to make everyone happy.

In practice, accept positive, joyful words or behaviors with gratitude. We should also accept the negative behaviors. Don’t see it as a burden. Don’t put the senior dharma brothers on a pedestal. If you do so, you will be disappointed. Even my mental state is low, so theirs won’t be too high. We are still human, not deities. Also, true mental states are invisible. When I walk on a street, few people recognize me as I try to disguise myself. You would be embarrassed seeing me, wondering whether you should bow to show respect. To not make you embarrassed, I let you pass by a seeming acquaintance without embarrassment. True cultivation lies not in external forms, but in internal states, perception of matters and the world. External forms don’t mean anything.

Thus, in our practice, Be it positive or negative, we must accept and then reflect on it. Don’t be annoyed by negative incidents. “How can you scold me despite the good deeds I have done?” “How dare you curse me as I am a great benefactor?” Before Buddha, we all equally stand corrected. Before Buddha, humans are babies, ignorant. Though you are an adult, you still behave improperly.

In Taiwan, are there any senior disciples or seniors behaving improperly? Let me tell you a story. A fellow practitioner, over 60, whose husband is 10 years older than her, invited me to dinner. I said, “We will take a taxi.” She said, “Please don’t. We will pick you up.” I saw that the old guy drove a 2- seater sports car. Where did the wife sit? The tiny backseat, the dog’s place. In the States or Canada, that seat can’t hold a person, only a dog. So I had to open the car door myself since the wife had to squeeze to the backseat first. There were only 2 doors. I opened the door and sat in the front. The car started moving at a slow speed. It climbed a slope slowly. What scared me was the sounds the car made. It seemed to explode. When we arrived, I saw that the guy was sweating all over; the wife took out his heart medication. I said, “Sir, you drive a sports car at your age?” He said, “I don’t feel old at all. Driving a sports car makes me feel young.” I said, “Your heart doesn’t seem like it can stand that.”

He is a stubborn man. The wife could imagine what would happen if she wasn’t around. Some strangers may sit in the car; not safe for this old man. The car shook violently and polluted the air. The air quality in Taipei is already bad. When we analyze this situation, we find that behaving properly or not has nothing to do with age. Some get enlightened at age 7. Sudhana got enlightened at 6, right? This guy is in his 70s and still unenlightened. Despite a severe heart issue, he drove a sports car. By driving it once, he knocked 10 years off his life. He didn’t have that many more decades to knock off.

I am sorry. I hope I haven’t hurt anyone. Any 60-year-old here who drives a sports car? Do I drive much? No. I prefer working my legs. These days, not many chances to use one’s legs. Our legs may shrink due to an abundance of technology. Then we will have to attach flying devices to our hips in order to get around.

When practicing, chances of afflictions that promote our awakening abound. Learn to make good use of positive or adverse circumstances, and turn them into nutrients for our practice, uplifting us. Don’t act as mundane people do, exploding upon hearing some harsh voice and treating that person as an enemy. Be it right or wrong, you are only happy hearing praise. I can only describe it as foolishness. Wise people view matters with a peaceful heart. Accepting everything with peace and tolerance makes one wise. First accept matters and then ponder over them. Otherwise, we just waste this good chance for awakening.

In this new Internet era, to catch up with the trend of using technology to teach and to allow my teachings to reach more people, I opened a Facebook account. The word “Facebook” in Chinese sounds inauspicious. In Taiwan, “facebook” was translated, right? The Chinese name sounds better. It seems there is a book on the face. Whatever we call it, it has spread really fast. It’s a new platform for practicing and doing good deeds. In this Internet era, our accumulating merit and virtue can transcend time-space. Say, you are in the States, Italy, Germany or Japan and I am in Taiwan. We can do the same job. I can share with you what I am doing. We can do it together. Online computer games are played this way. We can play chess despite being on different continents. So doing charity work is the same. We welcome anyone with Internet knowledge and experience to work with me. Our Facebook lets more people share their joy, their peaceful perspective on life, their achievement through practice, and stories about resolving their afflictions using wisdom.

Many people were afflicted to the point of committing suicide. In Singapore, a small country, over 100 girls drown each year. What a pity! A couple of months ago, the Singapore Center director told me bad news after some good ones. “We are all sad.” “What happened?” “A new practitioner told me the prettiest, most sensible and closest of his 3 daughters, passed this morning.” I assumed it was an accident. I asked, “How?” There were no signs or reasons. After Father’s Day, she said she would go see a friend. Then she disappeared. Her dead body was found afterwards. It is said that she was misguided by an online acquaintance. Suicidal thoughts arose in her. This is our guess, of course. She was the most intelligent, pretty, sensible and considerate daughter in her family. Without showing any signs, she committed suicide.

A few years ago… I have been in Taiwan for over 8 years. I forgot which year this happened. There was a Mr. Wang, a wealthy person, a manager of a listed company whose wife was beautiful and virtuous. They had 2 children and a happy family. He was very wealthy, maybe richer than everyone here. He committed suicide. He locked himself in a motel and committed suicide by burning charcoal. How much money did he leave behind? Over one billion. With such wealth and a happy family, why did he commit suicide? If he had listened to my teachings twice, he won’t have chosen that path. He would have been happy daily for his wealth and harmonious family.

No matter how capable or smart you are, you still get stuck and make mistakes. In fact, our mental obstacles way surpass our physical illnesses. Their impact is greatest. Many people with mental issues don’t realize the horror of their condition. Say, a tumor is detected. Is this horrible? In fact, it is not. The most horrible thing is problems in the mind. People are unaware of them. They keep hurting family, then kill themselves. This is most horrible. Or some big investors make bad investments; some politicians take the wrong path. Many issues arise from mental obstacles. Long-term mental obstruction becomes illness. The higher the position you hold, the bigger the impact and the more you are affected. Thus, everyone needs mental inspiration, guidance and teachings. This is the most important.

If you think my point of view is helpful to you, then you — especially young people — should share my teachings with others, your classmates and friends. If your sharing saves a life, it is worthwhile. But sometimes, the person who was saved doesn’t realize it. After hearing my words, his afflictions are gone. He no longer has suicidal thoughts. We don’t always know if we have saved a life or not. But if some people with mental issues had met me and heard my teaching just once, they would have been saved. I met several hundred students with various issues. Their ages ranged from 7 to 27. They had serious struggles. Some were autistic, had ADHD, had been expelled from school, took drugs, and had behavioral problems, etc.

All these students would transform after seeing me at most 3 times. Usually, seeing me once would change them. Seeing their parents daily didn’t change them at all. After seeing me twice, they would transform from problematic kids to sensible ones. All sentient beings need guidance and help. I don’t use miraculous methods to teach kids, like using kung fu to stun them. No need. I listen to them talk about their issues. After studying them, I just tell them a method that will work for them. I usually talk to them for less than 2 hours. If you have such a kid, make an appointment with me. My consultations with kids can be auctioned. Eating with a celebrity is like this. Let’s start from $10,000 (Taiwanese currency). A one-time talk with problematic kids or entrepreneurs is worth $10,000. The money isn’t for me, but for the centers. An ordinary issue can be solved in one talk. I usually have 3 tricks for kids. Often my second one gets the problem solved.

I hope those disciples and friends with computer skills contact me. Our contact info will be given out. Accumulating merit and virtue and helping all sentient beings can combine with transcending borders and time-space. The impact of mental obstacles is huge. Hitler massacred Jews and caused a big international war due to his mental illusions. If he could have met me, things would be better. But I was born too late. Many things arise from mental obstacles. It is like Buddha’s expression: One flower begets one world. A change in thought creates a completely different result. This is how it is. Thus, everyone needs to have the intention to help others. Please, those with Internet skills, do the compassionate act of helping all beings with me. It gives you immeasurable merits and virtues.

I just blessed you with my compassion a while ago. I want to bless you again in a while. Can you still wait for a while? Those friends who are watching via computers and TV, if you have spring water, tea and even tissue paper, take them out. Through Buddha’s compassion, blessing energy can be transmitted to your body and these things. If you drink the blessed water, it will help improve your health. Put the paper on the uncomfortable body part, arthritic knees. Tape it there. Throw it away after one day. It may reduce the pain. Is there any paper over here? If people with insomnia put the blessed paper under their pillow, they willsleep well. Tap the paper on a painful lower back, the pain will be gone.

Our Bodhi tea is high-quality, organic Taiwanese mountain tea. I recommend it to people all over the world. Global pollution is serious. All vegetables, as well as other foods, are sprayed with pesticides; meat products contain various hormones. With these toxins entering our body, won’t we get ill? They severely damage our brain nerves and cause cancers. Drinking Taiwan’s organic tea without pesticides detoxifies the body, is soothing to the urinary system, cleans the liver and protects the kidneys, and awakens wisdom. So, you are welcome to choose Taiwan’s organic tea. It is really good. Besides loving Taiwanese tea, I also love organic tea from all over the world. Organic tea is conducive to health. If coupled with blessing, it will be more healing.

I will do some energy blessing on your spine. The whole spine from the neck to tailbone. Due to my accent, you may not understand when I say “spine.” Give me the paper. This is an ordinary newspaper. This isn’t magic. There isn’t a miracle on it. Miracles will occur in your body. People with spinal issues abound. The esoteric dharma I learned is very complicated. But after I studied it, I made it convenient to use. Often I don’t bring my dharma instruments. Everything can become my dharma instrument. Now I use the newspaper. Someone has already rolled it for me. There is nothing inside. It is empty.

It is strange that people with spinal problems, injuries and pain abound. Raise your hand if you have spinal problems. See how many do have it. OK, hands down. If you are having spinal pain now, raise your hand. So many. I will make your pain disappear on the spot. Give this a try. Your master is ordinary, but the Buddha behind me is omnipresent, omnipotent and all compassionate. He will surely help you leave suffering and gain happiness. Just sit and relax.

When I am blessing you, don’t bring your cellphone. After the blessing, some phones won’t work. In the past, I did an experiment with a device. The device with magnetic field is set on my head to detect how powerful my energy was. Sometimes I didn’t like being experimented on. But I wondered if the device would be burned. After turning on the switch, 5 minutes later, smoke poured out and the device burned.

I am doing healing on your lower back. You don’t have to think about your lower back. Be at ease and natural. Or just hum a song. I am also chanting mantra while I am blessing you.

OK. Give me the lighter and let’s burn it. Your lower back pain will disappear with the fire and smoke. Dampness, injuries or bone spurs will turn into smoke and come out.

The Tibetan Plateau is a very cold place. So there are many people with rheumatism. The cold winters are very harsh. Even in summer, it is still colder than wintertime here. There are very few girls there who wear skirts like girls in Taiwan. Some young girls bring a skirt and wear it at noon for 1 hour, then change back into warm clothes. It is such a cold place. So people with rheumatism and damp, cold legs are everywhere.

One of my masters is legendary. She is a Buddhist practitioner in Nepal, and has practiced in retreats for many years. She is my beautiful master. She is in her 80s, but looks like a 30-year-old. She is very beautiful and morally accomplished. She always wears a black robe. Once we were walking past an alley, we saw a senior fall down while walking on icy ground. I ran over to help him up. Despite my help, it was very hard for him to stand up as he had severe rheumatism. Walking wasn’t easy for him. He was very prone to falling. His legs were curved; they were o-shaped. It was caused by severe rheumatism.

My great compassionate master was calm, never smiled or got upset. She asked me to find some paper. I found a few pieces of newspaper. I was asked to roll one like this and burn it. She was chanting at my side. Half an hour or an hour later, I helped the senior who had fallen get up and move his legs. He felt much better. My master asked me to roll the second paper. After that, she just rubbed the newspaper roll for half an hour. At that time, miracles appeared. The man’s o-shaped legs straightened, and he could walk freely. I can’t achieve this even now, but she could. I can only set crooked noses straight.

Let’s continue burning. This is the first burning. I only want to see the result. I don’t care about the process. Give me another piece of paper. I will do healing on the spine, headache, internal organs illnesses, pain in the arms, legs and feet. Even the bumps on your body, I will help eliminate them. I don’t know about o-shaped legs. I never tried. The issue is too severe. I am afraid that I can’t achieve it. I set crooked noses straight. After I burn this roll of newspaper, your legs and lower back can straighten up. Your lower back should be straight if seen from the back or front. Someone’s lower back may be curved. By carefully looking into a mirror, some will find their nose tilts to either the left or right. If it is not straight, how can you be beautiful? It can be corrected.

Do you want to have a higher nose bridge? I will try later. I will first fix the issues of pain and rheumatism. I will see how high you want your nose bridge to be. As a Chinese, if you have a British nose, your mom will be happy, but will your dad be happy? We can’t know. Regardless of whether he is happy or not, trouble awaits you.

Sometimes, the newspaper fire will die out. Now it is burning up again. It indicates a lot of negative, sick energy. It also shows that your joints have bone spurs, so your legs don’t function. It can be seen through the smoke. Many people have bone spurs. It is caused by lack of energy in the kidneys, or by working the legs too hard. These can be seen through the smoke. This healing effect will be great. It can be seen from the look of the fire.

People with insomnia will go to sleep right after returning home. I am also helping people with insomnia while I am doing this. I will give you a secret mantra. You will receive it without stretching out your hand. All people with insomnia will get it. Let me see which deity I petition. I have given the stuff to make you sleep. You will know it at night. In fact, I can let you sleep right away. But as our center isn’t big enough, it won’t hold everyone if you all lie down.

I forgot to ask you. Just now many said you had lower back pain. Shake your lower back to feel if it is still painful. You will realize there isn’t any pain when shaking your body. I can guarantee that. Raise your hand if your lower back pain is gone. Wow. Wonderful. Congratulations.

Your legs, hands and feet are free of pain, too. Pay attention when you go home. During this period, be careful. Those with hand and foot pain, don’t use cold water to wash hands. I have to remind you of this. Some don’t know about it. Most Chinese know this, especially older mothers: Rheumatic people shouldn’t wash hands or vegetables in icy water; warm water is better. Don’t drink cold drinks with ice, or drinks from the fridge. Also, don’t drink wine or coke. Coke is carbonated, so avoid it. Drinking it will cause pain.

Be careful. Also, don’t mix lamb and seafood or shrimp. After eating them together, you will get gout. The pain starts in the toes. Such pain has no cure. It is called gout; the pain makes you feel like dying. Such pain can make a big man roll on the ground. No one can cure it, except me. I am not bragging. Even if I can cure you, you must still avoid eating lamb and seafood together. Remember, no beer, coke, or other carbonated drinks. Don’t consume beverages with ice or just out of the fridge. Don’t use cold tap water to wash hands. The cold water in Taiwan should be OK. The tap water in Canada is water from icebergs. It is too cold. Be cautious. People with rheumatism should boil water and add some slices of ginger. It will increase the hot energy in the water. It is just common sense.

I am afraid some are careless, especially Westerners, as there are more Westerners with rheumatism. They take a different approach. In winter, they only wear a leather jacket and a short skirt. Don’t they feel cold? They say it is fine as there aren’t internal organs in the legs. Many people who are not very old have severe leg pain. In Canada, there are many seniors who are not really old walking with the aid of a walker. It is because they didn’t pay attention to their diet. Westerners like ice in their drinks or wine. They don’t follow Eastern dietary advice. As Asian people, we must be careful. Don’t eat the foods I have mentioned together. Otherwise, with gout, if you drink some cold or other harmful drinks, you will feel pain starting in the fingers or toes. Then you know you have gout. Don’t drink such drinks anymore. The icier the drink, the more serious the pain.

In hospitals, what method is used to treat the pain? Steroids. What are steroids? Does anyone know? Simply put, they are poisonous anesthetics. Say, you have liver cancer. Terrible pain. One steroid shot will kill the pain, numb the pain. The illness is still inside, despite the absence of pain. If your bone is painful and receives such a shot, do you know what consequence you will have? The bone will slowly become like rotten wood, full of holes as if eaten by worms. The bone will turn like that within a year. There is no cure because the bone has decayed. This is the consequence of steroid shots. Though they take away pain for a period of time. Such treatment is very harmful. Every medicine has its side effect. It is better not to have illness. If we have it, we need to find ways to recover from it.

This is the dietary advice for those with rheumatism. It is important to choose our foods wisely. In the future, I will publish a book on healthy diets -what foods for what constitution and what foods can’t be eaten together. People with allergic constitution can’t eat certain tonic foods. Many people like trying new foods. For example, durian fruit from Southeast Asia. It is pungent yet tasty. But when some people eat it, apart from feeling overheated, they suffer allergy symptoms such as skin rashes.

Today’s energy blessing is intended to deal with all types of illness. What I expect is not an instant good effect, but the disappearance of all your illnesses and afflictions. (Got it.) All afflictions and obstacles will be gone after today’s teaching. (Got it.) It allows the mental weakening of all age groups to stop; people will regain higher wisdom and intelligence. (Got it.) Also, after listening to my teaching, you’ll be happy for many days. (Got it.) But if you scold your family after you go home, it is equal to beating me. Save me some face, OK?

I want to remind you so you don’t forget: The fact that some people bring you afflictions may be a good thing. Say, you open a restaurant, and someone criticizes you: Why didn’t you wash the vegetables well? Your cooking is so good. Why not wash the vegetables? If you wash them, your restaurant will be famous all over the world. You don’t have such fame because you didn’t wash them. Instead, we eat some sand or dirty stuff in your dishes. Your cooking skill is good, but why do you do things this way? Hearing negative words may bring positive action. Of course, if someone slanders you on purpose, you haven’t done wrong and you don’t need to accept it. In most cases, we were criticized because we didn’t behave well. Say, as a mother, you are lazy and a sleepyhead. Whenever someone calls you to get up, you are annoyed. In fact, it is right that others call you to get up.

Thus, when hearing negative stuff, we should learn to accept it with joy. Then what we bring others will be happiness and joy. Happiness and joy are created. By giving others happiness, we gain happiness. If we make others afflicted, we are more afflicted. If we hurt others, we are in pain. If we cheat others, we will be cheated. We should give compassion and beautiful things to people around us. That is the way of happiness. (Got it.)

That is all for today. Thank you, all. (Thank you, Master.)