Parents worry about every aspect of their child’s life. Often times their overly-concerned nature cause relentless questioning or over-reacting. As a result, children are reluctant to share details of their life with their parents. When that happens, parents fret even more.

How do we encourage our children to open up and willingly share with us?

Let’s learn from the guidance Master JinBodhi gave to a mother and daughter.

【You willearn】

  • The appropriate attitude to have when children open up


My mom tends to be overly concerned about every aspect of my life. Parents, let her talk without pressuring her.

School starts

(My mom tends to be overly concerned about every aspect of my life. She asks too many questions about my social life, to the point that I don’t know how to make friends anymore.)

How bad is it?

(Maybe I just want to share something funny that happened at school. If I talk about a boy who did something funny, she will ask if I like him. That stresses me out. If I mention the same boy a few times, she asks me if I like him. If I talk or interact with a boy, I am stressed out. It is worse if I like him.)

If a 17- or 18-year-old girl likes a boy, that is normal. Parents, let her talk without pressuring her, or she won’t share with you anymore. Then you will start to worry. So as parents, don’t shower children with excessive care and concern. This adds stress and pressure and they may stop sharing their life with you. If this happens, it is a great loss. Just listen patiently. Don’t be overly concerned if it is nothing serious.

Conclusion: Parents should show their love by trusting their children more. Learn to listen to and guide your children properly. Only then, will children be more willing to communicate with parents.