Chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra can boost confidence and increase energy. What other benefits can we get from chanting?

Master JinBodhi shares his experience in this video.

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  • After eliminating negative karma, the ideal situation is to achieve enlightenment and obtain complete and pure wisdom.
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What can we get from chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra? So many benefits.

Q&A on The Six-Syllable Mantra Benefits of Chanting

Some people ask what we can get from chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra. So many benefits. Based on my personal experience, it can increase self-confidence and the motivation to work and be a good person. It can also replenish energy quickly. Moreover, as we chant The Six-Syllable Mantra, it brings us some energy.

Buddha said it is the heart mantra of Avalokitesvara. Avalokitesvara can find and help us through our chanting. Through innumerable manifestations, Avalokitesvara will help us when we encounter troubles. She said that no matter what disasters you have met — anyone, anywhere, any kinds of disasters, such as war, jail and all life-threatening emergencies — you may avoid troubles by chanting the mantra. That is what Buddha said in the scriptures.

So I often chanted this mantra when I was young. This tone came spontaneously. No definite tune. If you meditate with this mantra, don’t waste time by using many tunes. I used to chant like this: Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum. Sometimes I chanted faster, without thinking about pronunciation. I have chanted so many times. My master told me that chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra 100,000 times could defuse a serious disaster. So I did it during my childhood just for my health. It is convenient for the person with a bad memory. It is easy to remember six syllables, especially for older people. The more we chant, the more wisdom we get. May we avoid all troubles and disasters.

Transportation is very convenient now; it saves time. Meanwhile, car accidents are on the rise. If we keep chanting this mantra, we can avoid such disasters. But don’t drink and drive after chanting. Unless you don’t want to live. There will be an accident. You are teasing Bodhisattva. And you are breaking the law. So don’t drink and drive. You are lucky enough to avoid disaster. Some car accidents happen suddenly and inevitably. For example, the car on your left is speeding along. But its right front tire blows out. Then this car will naturally hit you. What will happen? Two cars are out of control. Nobody knows who will get hurt. So don’t drink and drive. We are lucky enough to avoid disaster.

This mantra is easy to chant. You can chant anytime, such as at work or while driving. But don’t enter into a meditative state. Chant in your mind while doing things; you will still benefit.