“Discipline” means to keep the precepts and adhere to moral principles.

Why do we need to follow so many precepts in our self-cultivation? What is their true meaning? What benefits do we receive by following them? Let’s listen to Master JinBodhi’s words of wisdom on the importance of discipline.

【You willearn】

  • What “discipline” is
  • The eight precepts of Bodhi Meditation


Discipline clearly tells what we must not do. Discipline is keeping precepts, which also means forbidding. Anything that harms others is forbidden. Don’t do negative things. Only by keeping the precepts can we reduce the accumulation of bad karma. You may not know if you have bad karma. Just see if you suffer in this life. If you know your fate isn’t so good, learn to keep the precepts.

How many precepts are there for all disciples in Bodhi Meditation? (Eight.) Eight. Let us review them, OK? See if you still remember them all? No killing. No stealing. No sexual misconduct. No false speech. No abuse of alcohol. No drugs. No gambling. No eating the turtles, snakes, and dogs. There are eight precepts. Usually, there are only five basic ones.

In ancient times, there were not many drugs, so this precept was not included. Nowadays, drugs and gambling are overabundant. Gambling may increase a country’s income, but may also cost all the fortune of individuals or families. So we add three more precepts: no gambling, no drugs, and no eating wild animals, turtles, snakes, and dogs. Dogs are actually humans’ friends. Things that I ask you not to do, just follow, because they will harm you. Why do I tell you this? We believe in compassion, and I wish everyone well. Thus, I tell you the things you shouldn’t do. No killing, no stealing, and no sexual misconduct. Try not to break these precepts. If you do, you will attract disasters that harm the people around you, most of all, harming yourself and your family. Always remind yourself of this. It will benefit yourself, your family, and your future generations.