The Buddha said, “Meditation creates tranquility, precepts form fortitude, and with that comes wisdom.” The three studies of Buddhism – precepts, fortitude, and wisdom – already explain the importance of meditation in self-cultivation. Buddha Sakyamuni achieved perfect enlightenment during his forty-nine days of meditation.

There are so many wonderful things that meditation can bring. So, how can you enter a meditative state? In this short video, Grandmaster JinBodhi provides the answer and also points out important directions in cultivation for all true self-cultivators.

【You willearn】

  • The importance of persistent meditation practice in self-cultivation
  • The wonders of meditation

【Featured aphorism】

  • Perseverance and persistence are the keys to self-cultivation.
  • The foundation of enlightenment is meditation.
  • Self-cultivation leads to health, longevity, happiness, and even enlightenment.
  • Not only can self-cultivation help you obtain health, if you keep practicing, you can also gain wisdom. The process of growth in wisdom is the process of graduaenlightenment.
  • As long as you keep cultivating, you are continuously enlightened.


“Meditation” is surely the foundation of enlightenment. Buddhism has spread far in the 2,600 years since it was established. The founder of Buddhism, Sakyamuni Buddha, according to history, had meditated ascetically for about 8 years. During his ascetic meditation, he ate only one grain or fruit daily. It means eating very little indeed. He starved himself to skin and bones, experiencing life ascetically. He persisted in his mediation, finding the path to liberate himself and all sentient beings. Through meditation, he became enlightened. So we must cultivate ourselves, especially through meditation.

You must practice the meditation methods I teach, such as prostration, The Meditation of Greater Illumination (GI), chanting, sitting meditation, and Energy Bagua. Practice certain combinations according to your own needs. It will improve your health, prolong your life span, give you happiness and ease, and lead you to enlightenment. Actually, we are walking such a great journey.

Your initial wish may be health, but after practicing awhile you will gain not only health but also wisdom. Many become both healthy and happy after practicing GI or Energy Bagua. Also, they don’t easily lose their temper anymore. They become wiser. They got angry easily before, because they became irritated and their mind was blocked by the negative energy, so they lost their tempers. Now, nothing irritates them, so they understand the matter right away. Like a computer running, you know how to handle the case. You will not be irritated. Thus, meditation brings us not only health but also wisdom.

Keep practicing, we achieve wisdom and “gradual enlightenment.” It is not “sudden enlightenment” which happened in a sudden moment. As long as we practice, we are becoming enlightened. Cultivators are relatively smarter than non cultivators. To be exact, they are wiser. Cultivation brings us wisdom, regardless of our class or status.

Meditation counteracts stupidity, ignorance, and darkness. Buddha said meditation yields tranquility; tranquility yields fortitude; fortitude yields wisdom. Meditation, tranquility, fortitude, and wisdom are the results yielded by our behavior. Actually, it is the process of meditation.

Meditation is the major method in cultivation. All others are auxiliary. We cannot do without meditation. It does not mean if I meditate today, I must feel dharma bliss. Not necessarily. Sometimes there are afflictions or fear. It does not matter. What matters is endurance and persistence. If you practice one extra hour daily, you will be remarkable in a year.