What mindset should we have when chanting The Six-Syllable Mantra?

In this video, Master JinBodhi teaches us to have an “empty-cup” frame of mind; that is, empty ourselves and be ready to receive. That is how we can receive energy from Buddha. Actually, we should have this mindset whenever we chant Buddha’s names or mantras.


What’s the right mind set when chanting the Six-Syllable Mantra?

The Right Mind set when Chanting the Six-Syllable Mantra

Someone asked about the right mind set when chanting the Six-Syllable Mantra. When it comes to mantras or buddhas’ names, I chant with reverence and respect, while praising the buddhas. That is my mind set for your reference.

The mantras you chant reach the buddhas and bodhisattvas directly. Being so compassionate, they will help you when you need it. Chant with gratitude and reverence. The more sincere you chant, the easier your prayers reach the buddhas and bodhisattvas. Gratitude and reverence will make buddhas and bodhisattvas happy. You gain the most benefits when you are humble and respectful.

I have said it before, when it comes to gods and deities, we always put ourselves in a lower position. It is like filling up a vessel with water. The vessel must be placed lower than the falling water. The lower you position yourself, the more water you get. Lowering yourself isn’t enough, you should be as reverent as possible.

Can you fake your reverence, if your arrogance is real? If that is the case, you won’t gain anything from your chanting. In a nutshell, the energy you receive lies in how reverent and respectful you are.