Thousands of types of diseases exist in this world, with the causes of these diseases being complex and sometimes misunderstood. With the intention of guiding as many people as possible to physical and mental health, Grandmaster JinBodhi introduced The Meditation of Bone Melting. He said, “As long as you ‘use’ it, your health will improve.”

Do you want to learn the origin of “bone melting”? What kind of mindset must you maintain to achieve the best results? Grandmaster JinBodhi tells us the magical story behind “bone melting”!

【You will learn】

  • The effect of the bone-melting meditation
  • The mentality essential to practicing The Meditation of Bone Melting


Here’s a story from a long time ago. Few people knew The Meditation of Bone Melting. My master knew the method and taught me. He had a nephew with a crippled leg. He walked with a limp. To walk with more stability, he should have used a crutch. But he refused to use a crutch, and would rather limp. His other leg couldn’t bend as it should. When teaching me The Meditation of Bone Melting, my master called his nephew over. He lived a great distance from us, so he brought food and blankets and came to stay with us. When we were supposed to sit cross-legged, he couldn’t bend his normal leg; he could only slightly bend that leg. His lame leg was crooked; he couldn’t straighten it out. He couldn’t bend his lame leg any further, because this leg was stiff and crooked.

I was sitting cross-legged. Master let him sit on 2 folded blankets. With one leg sticking out, he looked like the Green Tara Buddha. My master started teaching us The Meditation of Bone Melting. After 3 days, he could sit cross-legged by holding his legs in a crossed position. I heard cracking sounds when he lifted his legs. I thought he had broken his legs. He said he was fine. I thought he had broken his legs, because of the problems he had before.

On the 7th day, he walked normally. One couldn’t tell that he had leg problems just a few days earlier. He could walk normally. 3 months later, he challenged me to a race.

(A race? After 3 months?)

That’s how miraculous The Meditation of Bone Melting is. About his leg problems, master said they were because of bad karma. Let’s talk about something deeper. Master said his bad karma was from his previous life and his father, who had been a criminal. On the Tibetan Plateau, the poor sometimes took the easy way to make quick money.

Robbing and killing people was normal. In his previous life, master’s nephew had broken 2 people’s legs. Karma did strike back. That’s why he was living with crippled legs. When my master was teaching The Meditation of Bone Melting, we asked him what to visualize while practicing. He said, “Repent first.”

I’d always believed in my master, so I did what he said. I cried terribly for a few days repenting my past mistakes. The crippled guy was a proud guy, he wouldn’t do it. “Repent? For what?” He was tough. I thought I should cry in his place.

Because I kept repenting, my tears drenched my shirt. As a result, he could race with me after 3 months of practice. He did bad deeds in his previous life, but he didn’t know this in his current life. So he didn’t think he needed to repent. I repented on his behalf. The Meditation of Bone Melting is really wonderful. His neck was also stiff. After several days of practice, he turned his neck. He was startled when he heard the crack. He turned again, another crack.

When he bent his body, cracks continued. The sounds stopped after a very long time. His bone problems were all relieved.

(So The Meditation of Bone Melting doesn’t only melt physical ailments?)

Without knowing the deep principle of The Meditation of Bone Melting, you can still benefit from the method.

Knowing this aspect of the method, practice with repentance and gratitude, repenting your past mistakes, and being thankful for all you’ve got. You’ll become soft both physically and mentally. That’s what my master taught me. You’re welcome.

(I’d like to thank you along with other viewers, Master, for teaching us the secret of The Meditation of Bone Melting.)

I hesitated before I decided to teach The Meditation of Bone Melting. To benefit all of you, I finally made up my mind to teach it.

(We’re thankful for your compassion, Master.)

This world is full of wonders; not many can benefit your health as effectively as this method. You don’t need to spend much or break a sweat; no special place is even required. Keep practicing and you’ll regain your health. It’s not easy to find such a method, even for myself. I’m so happy to see you benefit from the method.