Why does gratitude put one at ease?

Who is the one you feel the most grateful for?

Watch the video to be inspired. When you change your perspective on people and the world, greater happiness will be yours.


To have happiness and good health, we must have gratitude in our hearts. Your friends and teachers can wait. You should cherish your parents most. Have gratitude toward your parents for raising you. If you don’t, your sincerity toward others is questionable. Being filial is the basis of human nature.

With great gratitude, you will learn to repay kindness. Such a person is affectionate and full of love for others. This is how you can be healthy physically and mentally. Without gratitude for your parents, you won’t be blessed with good health. I don’t care if you disagree with me.

The debt is too huge to be repaid, but we will do our best. A sense of gratitude is what you need most. Then, chant for your parents for Buddha’s blessings. This is the basic requirement for self-cultivation. Love your parents first, then we will talk about Universal Love for Nature and all sentient beings. You can be thankful for anything or anyone, from your friends to a food seller. Thankfulness brings ease and lets you be one with the world. Only by being one with Nature can you truly obtain health.

You can’t claim you have learned compassion but you hate everything you see. Start being thankful to your parents and then to the world. That is how you begin to feel at ease. That is the beginning of being one with the world. You will receive Nature’s blessings. Though our energy can be elevated, it still has a limit. Thus, blessings from Nature are necessary.

Buddha says everything exists through the combination of several elements. It is the coming together of certain causes and karmic connection. This claim fits perfectly with some world-leading scientists’ findings. It is said that life began after the Big Bang. Different elements of life combine and produce different lifeforms. These “elements” are the karmic connection in the Buddha’s words. We are in this world because of these karmic connection.

We are one with the world but appear differently, depending on the combination of the life elements. All lifeforms have similar DNA. Different element combinations led to their appearances. Technically, the source of the elements is the same. That is the reason to love Nature even more.

In Tibet, there is the sky-burial practice. Dead bodies are chopped into small pieces by the master of the ceremony. These are then fed to vultures or other scavenging birds. Many people say it is inhumane and brutal. What about cremation? Is this more humane? The practices don’t differ much in terms of humaneness.

So, what is the purpose of sky burial? It is a way to return to Mother Nature. All lives are a combination of earth, water, fire and wind elements. When the body is dead, it is an empty vessel. Sky burial simply signifies the return of the body to Nature. The practice is a way to show reverence to Nature and all beings.