Parent-child relationships are a problem that every parent is concerned about. However, many parents do not know how to communicate with their children, resulting in conflicts between them and their children. Over time, when parents want to know more about their children, the children have already closed their hearts.

Do you want your child to communicate with you? Let’s listen to what Master JinBodhi says.


Since they are your children, they are at least 20 years younger than you.

Parenting Q&A

(My child always says that I don’t understand him. How should I communicate with him?)

Children mostly think adults don’t understand them. That’s not wrong, but not entirely right either. Since they’re your children, they are at least 20 years younger than you. Their views on the world, and their life and feelings, are different from ours. Don’t expect them to share your goals, likes, dislikes or hobbies.

Also, they have their own take on businesses in the modern world. With the Internet, the way we learn about the world has completely changed. Before this, people learned about the world through books or actual experiences. Now, you learn everything through the Internet. You can play games, make friends, watch movies or even find jobs. Parents of young people in their 20s are mostly about 50 years old or older. With such a gap, it’s quite hard to keep pace with the young ones. Their ethics, aesthetic sense and the ways they solve problems differ. But still, that shouldn’t be an excuse not to communicate with them. When communicating with them, be easygoing. Children can sometimes be slightly defensive unconsciously when approached by their parents. They’re worried about being reproached for their mistakes. As such, it’s hard for them to treat you like a friend. How do we deal with this? I’d suggest giving more compliments. Or, you can try asking how they feel to show your caring and loving side. Let your children know you love them. Don’t just barge in and tell them they’re wrong. Make them feel someone actually accepts them. This helps communication between you and your children.

Practice well, live healthily and keep learning.