The energy of compassion can bless everything around you. Therefore, just as the sun illuminates all things, true practitioners spread auspiciousness and energy wherever they go. A bottle of water, a paper towel, a stone, a blade of grass… can all be incredibly affected; even soil can become miraculous medicine.

How is soil used as medicine? Listen to Grandmaster JinBodhi’s personal experience to find out!

【You will learn】

  • Experience the power of compassion
  • Understand the story of turning soil into medicine


Soil Turns into A Miraculous Medicine

At Bodhi Centres, many true cultivators practice every day. The food, water, tissues, tea sets, and cups have energy and blessings from buddhas and mantras. This way you will gain protection and blessing.

The soil around the houses of 2 masters of mine was cherished by their followers. One master lived at the bottom of a hill. The ground was almost flat. After it rained, there was a lot of water around his house. The people who came to visit knew he was a compassionate, great practitioner. When they left, they would take some soil. My master didn’t have various items such as these inexpensive malas we have in the centers. He didn’t have such things. So when people left, if there was a rock, they would take it. Or they would scoop up some soil. They would fill a bag. After a few years, the ground had sunk a lot.

Later, I started noticing this. I saw a mother and son. He was pursuing a Master’s degree. I asked, “What are you doing with the soil?” He said, “Keeping it as a souvenir. Master is such a compassionate person. The place where he lives and cultivates has energy.” This is a scholar’s understanding: This place had energy, a huge magnetic field of compassion. The soil represents compassion. He said, “I will bring the soil home. If my mom is unwell, I will rub the soil on her or put it in a drink. The soil might heal her.”

I took the name of his workplace and kept an eye on him. As a researcher, he studied air pollution. Later, I asked him how the soil worked. He said, “Once, Mom dined out and got severe diarrhea. Medication didn’t help. I remembered the soil and made a drink for her.” He just took some soil and mixed it with water, as if mixing congee. He asked his mom to drink it. It was hard to swallow. His mom drank half a cup. The taste wasn’t good, but she recovered after drinking.

Blessed recovery is different from that from medicines. Sometimes, taking too much diarrhea medicine leads to constipation. The soil had no side effects. The next day, everything was normal. She had no more diarrhea. Miracles from Buddha-light are really incredible. From this, I learned to heal small cuts on my hands. I would have a bag of my master’s soil, and rub a bit on. My master told me that to heal such a cut is easy. Simply a puff would do. He was great, having practiced for decades. For us it will take some time to get the wound healed, only after we put on the soil, blow on it, and chant a mantra. When I was young, I would rub a bit of soil whenever I got cut. Later, as I became better at cultivation, I just blew on it and patted the dirt away. No trace was left.

With stronger, greater compassion, your energy seems to turn into the sun and shine light onto all. What a miracle!