How can we ensure a happy and fortunate life?

Sakyamuni Buddha spent his life solving this mystery for us.

Legend says that Buddha’s mother dreamt a white elephant entered her belly during pregnancy. Prince Siddhartha had an extraordinary birth, fragrant flowers showered upon him from the sky and nine dragons spurted water to bathe him. The baby prince took seven steps, a lotus flower appearing in step. With one finger pointing to the sky and the other to the earth he said, “In Heaven and on Earth, I am Supreme!” What special meaning did this have?

In Explore the Realm of Buddha (Part 1), Grandmaster JinBodhi guides us through the legendary life of Sakyamuni Buddha. Let’s explore the Buddha’s journey of enlightenment as it is sure to inspire our life.

00:00:00 Explore the Realm of Buddha (Part 1) begins

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00:04:15 Opening: This is an interesting class that inspires life.

00:06:08 The Life of Buddha: The birth of the great Buddha, nine dragons bathing the Buddha. Siddhartha took seven steps after he was born, with lotus flowers blooming in his footsteps. He pointed a one finger to the sky and the other to the earth, saying, “In Heaven and on Earth, I am Supreme!”

00:18:13 The Life of Buddha: Queen Maya passed away seven days after giving birth to the little prince and entrusted him to her sister.

00:25:37 The Life of Buddha: Prince Siddhartha married Princess Yashodhara of a neighboring country, and they had a son named Rahula.

00:27:38 The Life of Buddha: Travelling through the four doors of East, West, South, and North, Prince Siddhartha saw the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness, and death. At the North door, he met an bald-headed, robed ascetic and was inspired by his words about life.

00:35:49 The Life of Buddha: Leaving home for self-cultivation, the Buddha explored life and searched for the true liberation of life. He practiced ascetic cultivation for eight years during which time he ate one grain a day. Appreciate the Sakyamuni Buddha statue.

00:44:23 The Life of Buddha: The shepherd girl who offered the ascetic Buddha goat milk and saved his life.

00:54:01 The Life of Buddha: The first time turning the wheel of dharma; teaching his five disciples.

00:57:22 The Life of Buddha: King Suddhodana sent important government officials to invite the Buddha back to the palace.

01:00:43 The Life of Buddha: Commenced teaching dharma; taught and helped people for 49 years. He entered nirvana (passed away) at 80 years of age.

01:06:24 Q&A: What is the meaning of dreaming about the white elephant?

01:09:14 Q&A: How to comprehend the miracles that happened after the birth of Prince Siddhartha.

01:12:26 Q&A: The Buddha was born a prince. He was young and newly married. Why did the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness, and death inspire him to search for a way of liberation? Example: The landlord’s three beautiful daughters.

01:23:25 Q&A: The story of Lao He singing.

01:29:38 Q&A: The relationship between the Bodhi Tree and the enlightenment of Buddha. What if Buddha was sitting under a different tree?  Would he have achieved enlightenment?

01:32:02 Q&A: Seven lotus flowers bloomed in the first seven footsteps of the newly-born Buddha; Queen Maya passed away seven days after giving birth to little Buddha. Is there a special meaning for the number seven? Was that a coincidence?

01:35:14 The mystery of “seven”: Example: What is the inseparable relationship between the Big Dipper, the Earth and humans? The mysterious connection between the seven continents, Earth’s plates, and human diseases.

01:43:11 The story of “Seven Stars”: Why is the seventh day of the week called “a day of worship”? The mystery of cycles.  

01:47:12 The story of “Seven Stars”: The story of Nurhachi stepping barefoot on the Seven Stars.

01:53:53 The mystery of “seven”: Cao Zhi seven-step poem; a small precious vase in seven colors; the seven-colored rainbow; auspicious heavenly number.

01:57:43 The mystery of “seven”: Why did Queen Maya pass away seven days after Prince Siddhartha was born?

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